What can I do?

In PEXA, you may lodge Caveats and Withdrawals as standalone dealings, standalone with Settlement or in combination with other dealings. A Caveat may reference one or multiple land titles subject to commonalit of proprietorship on title.

PEXA also enables you to electronically withdraw Caveats, with financial settlement. This feature allows the Caveator to receive cleared funds to your nominated accounts. 

Visit Processing Caveats through PEXA in the e-Conveyancing Community for more details on how to lodge Caveats electronically. View the online training materials and practice completing a Caveat using a 5-minute interactive tutorial.


What does this mean for me?

PEXA lets you rapidly lodge Caveats electronically as the structure of claim statements and prohibitions is standardised. This minimises inconsistencies and variations that often result in time delays and requisitions. You can have confidence that your Caveat will be successfully lodged, as PEXA ensures that the process complies with the Land Registry's rules.

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    Caveats can be lodged in real-time, typically in just four minutes.

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    Real-time lodgement gives you greater certainty that your client's claim is noted on title.

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    Online lodgement removes the need to attend the Land Registry in person, book an agent or organise postage.

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    Exchanging a Withdrawal of Caveat for settlement of funds without having to physically attend settlement is convenient, efficient and transparent.

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    Better for clients

    You can reassure your clients that their Caveat has been lodged or withdrawn promptly.


What are the costs?

The PEXA fees for each Caveat lodged or withdrawn in PEXA differ depending on whether the Caveat references a single title or multiple titles.

For more information on PEXA pricing, please refer to our pricing schedule.

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