Our ESG policies provide the framework, but are more than just words on a page

Our approach

By having the right processes, policies and procedures in place, we ensure that we’re never complacent – continuously challenging ourselves to deliver our ESG commitments. Our position on Modern Slavery – for example – is one we take very seriously and are proud to have publicly published. 

Our ethical governance provides the structure that enables us to deliver our ESG commitments for our people, communities, and planet.

To deliver lasting value, our ESG approach must be integrated through our business strategy as well as our enterprise risk management system, ultimately capturing material risks and opportunities. 

Evaluation and reporting

We're proud members of GRESB and complete a GRESB assessment each year to ensure we’re reviewing our progress against global sustainability standards and consistently building on our commitments.

More than 120 institutional and financial investors use GRESB data and benchmarks to monitor their investments and make decisions that lead to a more sustainable real asset industry. The 2020 real estate benchmark covers more than 1,200 property companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), funds, and developers.

We're very proud of our five star GRESB outcome for 2021.