Monthly Settlement Insights 

WA - August 2021


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    Sale settlements

    Sale settlements in Jul-21 were down 5.1% on Jun-21 but remained 61.3% above Jul-20.

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    Refinances continued to spike, up 8.8% month-on-month and 82.7% above the year prior.

NOTE: Settlement figures quoted are total settlements, they include digital and paper-based settlements for residential and commercial properties, unless otherwise stated. Any non-monetary settlements such as family transfers or gifts have been excluded.

Sale settlements


  • Jul-21 was down 5.1% on prior month, whilst up 61.3% on the same month last year.

Greater Perth / rest of WA

  • Greater Perth was down 5.6% MoM, a 62.5% rise YoY.
  • Rest of WA was down 3.7% MoM and up 57.0% YoY.

Aggregate value

  • Sale settlement aggregate value showed a decline of 2.1% to $4.4B.
  • This is up 88.5% on Jul-20 which was $2.3B.


  • Jul-21 was up 8.8% on prior month, and up 82.7% on Jul-20 last year.


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