Bringing the benefits of digital property transformation to the world


With the support and collaboration of government and industry, PEXA created the world’s very first digital property exchange platform, allowing for near real time lodgement and financial settlement of property transactions.

Our experience in Australia proves digitisation works and the opportunity for consumers to benefit from a more efficient property settlement experience is upon us. Now, we’re bringing the benefits of this digital property transformation to the world, starting with the UK.


We believe our experience in delivering a fast, safe and more efficient property settlement process is worth sharing. It's our belief that PEXA's proven technology will fundamentally enhance the way homes are bought and sold in the UK.

That’s why we’re looking to work with lenders that live and breathe customer experience to transform the re-mortgage process and deliver much faster outcomes for homebuyers and sellers.  

Every time, for everyone.

Together we can make it happen

On the ground in England, the PEXA UK team are busy working with lenders and other industry participants to design a solution based on lender and homeowner needs.

And because those needs are constantly changing, we’ll continue to work collaboratively wherever we can (in the last year alone, 86% of our Australian platform enhancements were driven by member feedback).

Backed by our research and experience, we’re answering the call to help UK lenders shift towards cheaper, quicker and simpler property transactions for the better good of homeowners nationally.

This is only the beginning.