Member Advisory

About Member Advisory Council

Established in 2021, the Member Advisory Council, with divisions active in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, are leadership groups formed to advocate for the nation’s practitioners and drive progress across the sector. Its key objectives include: 

  • Ensuring feedback is formally documented and actionable  
  • Reviewing PEXA’s product portfolio and shaping its roadmap  
  • Collaborating to discuss key challenges and issues within the industry 

Since its inception, the Member Advisory Councils have played a significant role in supporting a number of initiatives, such as: 

  • Conducting workshops to refine process changes and coordinate live trials to help deliver seamless transitions to industry 
  • Being a conduit between PEXA and industry, as analysis is undertaken to help drive timely settlements
  • Working closely with financial institutions to further enhance party-to-party settlement cohesion  

Who are our FY23 MAC Members? 

To view our current MAC team members, please visit the state based pages of, VictoriaNew South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.

If you have any feedback or items you would like to raise via the MAC, please send us an email or reach out to one of your MAC state representatives.