Member Advisory Council

FY22 - NSW Members

Inaugural members

  • Melissa Muscat

    Melissa Muscat

    Marsdens Law Group

  • Peter Crittenden

    Peter Crittenden

    Marsdens Law Group

  • Jared Zak

    Jared Zak

    Dott & Crossitt

  • Ella Zak

    Ella Zak

    Dott & Crossitt

  • Jamie-Lee Carragher

    Jamie-Lee Carragher

    Ezystep Conveyancing

  • Renee Seymour

    Renee Seymour

    Ezystep Conveyancing

  • Kim Duffy

    Kim Duffy


  • Katrina Mariani

    Katrina Mariani


  • Dan Lynch

    Dan Lynch

    First State Conveyancing

  • Cheryl Alt

    Cheryl Alt

    Alternative Conveyancing

  • Josh Bignell

    Josh Bignell

    RMB Lawyers

  • Craig Radford

    Craig Radford

    Paul Denny Conveyancing

  • Sue Falkner

    Sue Falkner

    Colin Biggers & Paisely

  • David Winning

    David Winning

    Your move conveyancing

  • Kristy McMilan

    Kristy McMilan

    Your move conveyancing

  • Richard Harvey

    Richard Harvey

    Property Law Committee

  • Chris Tyler

    Chris Tyler

    Australian Institute of Conveyancers

  • Andrew McNeil

    Andrew McNeil

    Spectrum Solutions

  • Eliza Trimble

    Eliza Trimble

    Spectrum Solutions

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