Member Advisory Council

FY22 - WA Members

Inaugural members

  • Kylie Dillon

    Kylie Dillon

    KDD Conveyancing

  • Evelyn Craig

    Evelyn Craig

    Vicki Philipoff Settlements

  • Rianna Davies

    Rianna Davies

    Vicki Philipoff Settlements

  • Ross Wharton-Street

    Ross Wharton-Street

    Blaze Conveyancing & AIC WA Banking Rep

  • Dion Dosualdo

    Dion Dosualdo

    AIC WA Division

  • Andrew Hopper

    Andrew Hopper

    Focus Settlements

  • Shane Jacob

    Shane Jacob

    Shane Jacob Settlements & AIC WA Banking Rep

  • Peta Whyte

    Peta Whyte

    CWS Lawyers

  • Katherine Hanson

    Katherine Hanson

    Hanson Property Settlements

  • Lyn MacQuarrie

    Lyn MacQuarrie

    Waterways Conveyancing

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