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Find a member of the PEXA community around you.

Join the growing network of lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions already transacting together online. Use this tool to quickly search for PEXA members in your area that you would like to transact with, or view the conveyancers and lawyers in your area who are ready to transact with you.

You can also use the PEXA Qualifier to easily identify files that are eligible for e-Conveyancing.

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If you’d like to transact with a lawyer or conveyancer who’s not yet on the network, contact us and we’ll invite them to join. Refer a colleague and we’ll make sure they get all the help they need to join the community that’s transforming conveyancing.


Find members ready to transact

PEXA to grow, with over 4000 members engaged with the network across Australia, including financial institutions, lawyers and conveyancers. PEXA has activated over 100 financial institutions, including the four major banks.

PEXA Qualifier

Use the PEXA Qualifier to identify files that you may complete electronically and find financial institution members who are ready to transact with you.

Payment aggregators in the e-Conveyancing network

Table caption
Payment Aggregator Standalone Refinance Transfers
Updated 13th September 2016
Australian Settlements Ltd (ASL) n/a Label Label
Cuscal Ltd n/a Label Label
Indue Ltd n/a Label Label

Principal Subscribers

Principal Subscribers

Principal Subscribers transact on their own behalf in PEXA and can include financial institutions, government bodies and other parties (e.g. property developers) wanting to lodge dealings in land on their own behalf.

In order to be eligible to join PEXA, an applicant must meet the Eligibility Criteria in the Model Participation Rules (MPR).The MPR requires an applicant to have an ABN, be a Person (including body corporate) or partnership, be of good character and meet the Insurance Rules.

Principal Subscribers cannot represent other parties in a conveyancing transaction in PEXA.

Email PEXA to discuss eligibility.

Email PEXA

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