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NAB hit 100k digital transactions with PEXA

NAB hit 100k digital transactions with PEXA

NAB hit 100k digital transactions.

National Australia Bank (NAB) has reached a significant milestone, eclipsing 100,000 online transactions via Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)’s settlement platform.

NAB’s Head of Settlements – Redstar Customer Lending Operations, Jason Waite says buyers and sellers are the big winners and commended NAB’s teams for committing to the digital transformation of the industry.

“With PEXA enabling digital settlements, the process of property exchange has been simplified and digitised, which means customers can expect faster access to funds and have more confidence settlement will occur on time."

“This milestone is a testament to the hard work of all of our teams within NAB to make the settlement experience simpler and faster for our customers.”

Looking ahead, Waite believes that maintaining the transparency between all parties is key to building on the current progress.

“Within the next few years, the majority of property transactions will be performed electronically. Collaboration across the industry is the key to delivering a great customer experience; PEXA gives us this opportunity by improving our efficiency and reducing the need for manual processes.”

And with this achievement under its belt, Waite feels NAB is positioned well to continue playing a leading role in advancing the property industry.

“NAB has been an advocate of digital settlements for years and we already complete a large volume of our property settlements digitally. We also have project teams dedicated to support readiness for future industry mandates and we continue to look for new growth opportunities to support the transition to digital."

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