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SAI Global joins Marketplace

SAI Global joins Marketplace

Marketplace, available to New South Wales members, has expanded its title search offering to include SAI Global.

Marketplace has been providing PEXA members in New South Wales access to a range of title search suppliers, allowing them to choose which provider to purchase a search from with full transparency. In addition to Equifax and CITEC, PEXA is pleased to announce that property search provider, SAI Global, has joined Marketplace.

This expansion will allow PEXA members to make the best choice for themselves and the buyer or seller they represent.

SAI Global, General Manager – Digital Enterprise, Harry Nakichbandi shared his thoughts on Marketplace’s expansion.

“SAI Global is pleased to be entering Marketplace to offer a window into our digital data services to PEXA’s Marketplace members. Over the last couple of years, SAI Global has invested in a state of the art digitised data services platform, which can easily be embedded in 3rd party platforms. Marketplace supports the SAI Global product vision, which is to support transparency and choice for consumers in the market and ensure that conveyancers and practitioners can access and consume the SAI Global products and services with ease, from any platform. “

This year, PEXA plans to welcome more products and providers into Marketplace to enrich the settlement experience. PEXA is proud to be partnering with industry to provide its members with some of the key tools needed to complete a conveyance, and works hard to ensure that this not only streamlines the settlement process for conveyancers, but also improves the buyer and seller experience.

For more information on Marketplace, visit our FAQs.

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