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Western Australia

SettsPlus-PEXA integration unveiled

SettsPlus-PEXA integration unveiled

C Solutions has boosted Western Australia’s e-Conveyancing experience this week with the launch of its SettsPlus-PEXA integrated solution.

As 100% online property transactions become a not so distant reality for Western Australia, settlement agents can rest assured that their technology is ready for the transition.

Joe Italiano, C Solutions’ CEO, and a group of WA-based settlement agents have been tailoring the software since C Solutions partnered with PEXA in August.

“We are delighted to deliver the newly integrated solution to our customers,” Joe said. “After weeks of testing and listening to feedback, we finally have a product we’re proud to release.”

People using the current PEXA integration on SettsPlus will notice a much stronger connection between the two platforms, offering an array of new features to streamline the process.

“Rekeying the same information from one platform to the next is history. Our aim was to ease administrative woes and enhance efficiencies already created by electronic property transactions,” Joe said.

SettsPlus users will receive the software upgrade to their inboxes and be guided through the changes.

“C Solutions is delighted to release this new functionality. I believe it’s a substantial step forward for the WA market”.

PEXA’s Group Executive Customer & Revenue, Mike Cameron, applauds C Solutions on the delivery of their industry-leading innovation:

“Congratulations to Joe and the team, they’ve been a pleasure to work alongside. Such a customer-driven response to market is commendable, ensuring SettsPlus users a seamless transition to digital property settlements,” Mike said.

C Solutions is currently in the process of distributing the solution to its customers.

“We can’t wait to hear the response from the extended market,” Joe said. “keep an eye out for your installation!”

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