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WRG’s clients receive digital benefits

WRG’s clients receive digital benefits

WRG embraces new technology to provide their clients with the best service and advice, meeting their needs and expectations.

Wilson/ryan/grose Lawyers (WRG) has been delivering exceptional service to clients for over 120 years - longevity matched by few.

As one of the longest operating professional service businesses in Townville and North Queensland, there is plenty of history and tradition at WRG, but their practices are far from out-dated.

WRG Partner, David Patton, believes that the business’ ongoing success is thanks in part to its ability to adapt and be flexible, particularly when it comes to mastering new technology.

“WRG is conscious of developments in technology and we have always considered ourselves to be early adopters of new technology. The decision to continually embrace technology is primarily driven by our desire to not only provide our clients with the best service and advice, but to meet their needs and expectations,” David said.

Recent times have seen WRG become “paper light”, while also endeavouring to equip staff with the latest technology. But one of the biggest changes at WRG has been completing conveyancing settlements digitally through Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

“We introduced electronic settlements about three months ago and have already been able to provide our clients with numerous benefits, whether it be our seller clients having cleared funds in their account on the day of settlement, or a buyer client being able to settle a contract at flexible times with their name transferred on title in near real time.”

“Previous to PEXA, some clients would be surprised that cheques were still required for settlement. Providing them with this digital settlement option has enhanced and transformed the service that we offer,” said David.

As other firms around Queensland join the movement toward digital property transactions, benefits are being observed across the industry.

“I would encourage firms who are looking to include more technology into their operations to really consider the benefits to their clients and legal practice and get on board early."

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.