Peer Ratings

What are Peer Ratings?

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering a network of collaboration that provides a positive experience for all, PEXA has introduced Peer Ratings.

This initiative is a great way for practitioners to show their appreciation of the service, collaboration and communication from their peers.

Peer Ratings are being championed by PEXA to reward those firms who are exhibiting the values and behaviours that contribute to an optimum experience for all participants in the network, where settlements are settled seamlessly and the best outcomes are delivered for home-buyer and seller clients.

Each quarter, top-performing firms from across the country will have the opportunity to be selected by PEXA in recognition of their outstanding ratings among peers.

How are these measured?

Upon completing a PEXA transaction, a practitioner may be prompted to provide some feedback on how easy they found that transaction to complete. The short survey involves giving the parties they worked with on that transaction a score between 0-10, to rate how satisfied the practitioner was in working with them. These scores contribute to the other parties’ overall Peer Rating.

High Peer Ratings are commonly seen when:

  • Parties are kept up-to-speed with settlement progression through regular and open communication
  • Parties adhere to Transfer Guidelines, in particular, Total Funds Required to Settle (Guideline 11) and Payment Directions (Guideline 17), which have been identified from member feedback as major pain points
  • Parties in the transaction go above and beyond to support and collaborate with one another

Where can I find my Peer Rating?

Your firm’s Peer Rating is now available in PEXA Plus. Simply click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and you'll see a drop-down box with your Peer Rating, as well as the number of ratings your firm has received.  

Note: You'll only see your Peer Rating if your firm has received at least 3 ratings from your peers. Additionally, to protect the privacy of PEXA members, you'll only see an average rating, not each individual rating provided by other firms. 

Who are our top-rated performers this quarter?

  • Victorian Statewide Conveyancing, VIC

  • Lawlab, NSW

    Lawlab, NSW

  • Duncan Sande & Associates, SA

  • Galilee Solicitors, NSW

  • GlobalX Legal, QLD

  • Hains Solicitors, QLD

  • KRG Conveyancing, QLD

  • CVS Law, NSW

  • Focus Settlements, WA

  • Robertson Hyetts, VIC

Past top performers

  1. Blackwood & Belair Conveyancing, SA

    C&R Settlements, WA

    Compass Legal Solutions, QLD

    Ezystep Conveyancing, NSW

    Fentons Conveyancing, SA

    KDD Conveyancing Services, WA

    Paul Garnett's Conveyancing, WA

    Rigg Conveyancing, NSW

    Spectrum Client Solutions, NSW

    Statewide Conveyancing, QLD

    Stockland Development, NSW

  2. 1836 Conveyancing, SA

    BAFC Settlements, WA 

    Burke and Baker, NSW

    Coutts Solicitors & Conveyancers, NSW

    CWS Lawyers, WA

    Keylaw Conveyancing, QLD

    KHS Lawyers, VIC

    Landmark Settlements, WA

    Mills Oakley, VIC

    Reliance Conveyancing, VIC

  3. Central Legal, VIC

    Colwell Lyons Lawyers, QLD

    Elizabeth Reiss and Associates, WA 

    Essential Conveyancing, SA 

    Lyon Converyancing, SA 

    Mulcahy & Co, VIC

    Rangi Lawyers, VIC

    Rennicks, VIC

    RMB Lawyers, NSW

    Russel Kennedy, VIC

    Smart Conveyancing, SA 

    Trevor Tapp & Associates, SA 

  4. Brown & Proudfoot Lawyers, VIC

    By The Rules Conveyancing, QLD

    Colin Biggers & Paisley, National

    Domain Legal, NSW

    Duffy Elliot Lawyers, NSW

    HWL Ebsworth Lawyers, National

    Key Conveyancing Services, SA

    Keypoint Law, VIC

    Robertson Hyetts, VIC

    Sargeants Glen Eira & Monash, VIC