PEXA Insights Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PEXA? 

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is an efficient, secure, and fast digital property settlement solution. PEXA supports legal and conveyancing firms, financial institutions, state governments, land registries and property developers to help change the lives of millions of Australian buyers and sellers.

Who is PEXA Insights?

PEXA Insights is a new venture launched to provide unique data and insights into the Australian property market. PEXA Insights leverages information from the PEXA exchange coupled with complimentary datasets to offer timely and comprehensive insights to industry, government and individuals.

What is the refinance index?

PEXA’s Refinance Index provides timely insights into property refinancing in Australia. The interactive tool uses PEXA’s comprehensive data to show market performance and highlight where growth is occurring. View the index data by volume (number of refinances) or value (median monetary value of refinances). Insights are available at a national, state and regional level.

What is the Property and Mortgage Insights report?

PEXA’s Property and Mortgage Insights (PMI) report provides a comprehensive view of property settlements in Australia. It also highlights mortgage trends, such as growth in lending and the performance of lenders. he PMI report leverages the unique and timely data captured in the PEXA digital property exchange. The report is published quarterly, highlighting key trends as they emerge, and delivering a new perspective on the health of the Australian property market.

What are Monthly Insights?

Monthly insights are state-specific reports collated by the PEXA Insights team to show settlement and mortgage insight trends. Each report contains interactive graphs and is broken into two segments. The first, shows sale settlement trends and the second displays new loan and refinance trends.

How do I get in touch with the PEXA Insights team?

For more information on our reports or to learn more about the PEXA Insights products and services, please click here.

How can I keep up to date with PEXA Insight products and news?

We can deliver PEXA insights reports, news, and new product announcements straight to your inbox. All you need to do is sign up. 

What is PEXA Insights policy on secure data management?

PEXA will only share information in accordance with its statutory and contractual obligations – including the Model Operating RequirementsParticipation Agreements, Operating Agreements and applicable privacy laws.

All publicly available data and information will be aggregated and de-identified. Where de-identified information is to be shared, PEXA will ensure that once de-identified, information won’t be able to be re-identified, or reverse engineered to identify an individual.

Further information is included within PEXA’s privacy policy.