Priority Notices

Priority Notices

Priority Notices

What can I do?

Priority Notices have been developed by the Land Registry as an additional instrument to help ensure best practice in e-Conveyancing. A Priority Notice can be used to protect the interests of your clients and assist with fraud prevention. Priority Notices are now available for lodgement in PEXA in New South Wales and Victoria.

The introduction of the Priority Notice is an important milestone towards the eventual removal of paper Certificates of Title – it provides greater protection of buyer rights, particularly when transacting with an electronic Certificate of Title (eCT).

In Victoria and New South Wales a Priority Notice may be lodged to protect a registry instrument, such as Transfers and Mortgages. A Priority Notice will:

  • Protect the interests of parties to an intended instrument or transaction (e.g. a transfer) by reserving priority on title for the dealing(s) identified in the Priority Notice; and
  • Assist with fraud prevention, by identifying a priority on title, ensuring that the scheduled transaction is not displaced by another transaction.

Priority Notices can only be lodged electronically, however they apply to transactions that are being completed in either paper or PEXA.

Learn more about Priority Notices, including how to lodge a Priority Notice in PEXA here.



What does this mean for me?

Your Priority Notice will be lodged with the Land Registry in real-time, giving you greater certainty that your priority will be recorded on title as soon as it is needed.

Priority Notices afford an increased level of protection for transactions completed electronically. When lodged by an Incoming Proprietor or Incoming Mortgagee, PEXA is able to use Land Registry information to assist with the creation of the Priority Notice, enabling a fast and efficient process. 



What are the costs?

The PEXA fees for each Priority Notice lodged or withdrawn in PEXA are set out below. Please note, these fees will not come into effect until Priority Notices are released in each jurisdiction. Priority Notices are now available in New South Wales and Victoria. 

Pricing - Priority Notices
PEXA Transactions Service Fees Single Title Multiple Title*
Priority Notice $8.80 $8.80
Priority Notice Withdrawal $8.80 $8.80
Priority Notice Extension (NSW only) $4.40 $4.40

*Related to multiple titles on the same registry instrument.

For more information on PEXA fees, please refer to our pricing schedule.

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