Settling property?
We’re supporting Australians.

PEXA is helping keep Australia’s property industry active during COVID-19

Are you about to buy or sell your home? Or are you a legal practitioner or property industry member? 

Rest assured that while we’re all experiencing levels of disruption at this time due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the nation’s property settlements continue to proceed as normal, uninterrupted.

Getting Australians into their homes swiftly and securely remains the industry’s number one priority and with more than 8,800 legal practitioner firms available to conduct settlement digitally for clients, you can have peace of mind that the current situation will not impact your settlement.

While we’re all doing our part to flatten the curve and protect our health system, PEXA, in partnership with the property industry, will continue delivering this critical service to Australians. 

Are you buying or selling a home?

Whether it’s the first time or the fifth time, buying or selling property is a major life achievement but it can also be stressful. You can reduce this stress by settling electronically – allowing you to pick up the keys to your new home or receive cleared funds from the sale sooner rather than later. 

Track your settlement and securely communicate account details with PEXA Key

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, or both, the PEXA Key app helps you settle with confidence. Use of the app to securely communicate bank account details is backed by the PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee for added assurance. Download for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Your lawyer or conveyancer will send you an email and SMS invitation to get you started with PEXA Key.

Learn more about PEXA Key

Are you a real estate agent?

The property market along with prospective buyers and sellers are quickly adapting to the current climate, utilising technology, and innovative means of inspection people are still finding and moving in to their new homes. Private sale remains the primary method of exchange nationwide, the market is proving to be resilient with consumers that remain in the market likely being committed and wanting to transact.

Settlements continue to be processed uninterrupted via PEXA, helping keep you, your business and your clients moving. Digital settlements allow you to receive an instant notification once settlement has occurred, helping you provide timely updates to your clients. You’ll also be reimbursed quickly – with your commission paid directly as cleared funds upon settlement. There’s greater certainty of settlement for your clients too.

While COVID-19 is forcing industry to be flexible, PEXA can help provide continuity to the real estate sector, helping facilitate safe, secure and swift digital settlements for you and your clients.

Are you a lawyer or conveyancer?

This is a new experience for many of us and we’re here to assist wherever we can. We’ve collated a suite of helpful information below, as you keep your businesses moving during COVID-19.

Verification of Identity (VOI) & Client Authorisation Form (CAF)

ARNECC has released a statement for completing VOIs and CAFs at this time, noting face-to-face verification is not mandatory with ARNECC stating “Subscribers might like to consider using video technology as part of the verification of identity process”. Read ARNECC’s full statement.

Please also note that VOI appointments remain available via Australia Post, ZipID and ID Secure.

Support Services – we’re here to help 

While there is so much uncertainty at the moment, we’re committed to being that little bit of stability in your day. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Help Centre: Our online Help Centre is fully stocked with articles, help cards, webinars, videos, simulators and more that can help you transact online.
  • Support Centre: Our friendly support staff are available on national business days from 8.30am – 8.00pm AEST/DT. They can be contacted by phone on 1300 084 515 or email at
  • Face-to-[virtual]Face Support: Our face-to-face team can now assist you virtually. Using Skype, WebEx and Team Viewer, our PEXA Direct Specialists and PEXA Partners remain available for appointments to help your business. Contact us at if you have any queries or to book an appointment.


While you’re working remotely and limiting face-to-face client meetings, bank and trust account details can be communicated safely via the free PEXA Key app, removing the need to use email, mitigating any risk of succumbing to email phishing attacks. 

It provides your business with an extra layer of security when communicating critical bank and trust details while also allowing homebuyers and sellers to track their settlement via their phone. We are no doubt all hearing and reading about the increasing prevalence of cyber phishing attacks worldwide and we encourage you to use tools like PEXA Key to keep client property transactions safe. 

Digital Certificates – are you using a different computer or laptop as a result of remote working? 

If you’re using a new or different device to sign in PEXA, you will need to download and install the digital signing software. Members using Mac computers, please note that the signing software is not yet compatible with their latest operating system, Catalina. For other Mac operating systems, please follow these instructions.

Remember to always keep your Digital Certificate stored safely when not in use.

NSW: COVID-19 Residual Lodgement

The COVID-19 outbreak presents a number of logistical challenges to industry, particularly for members regarding the lodgement of presently out-of-scope paper documents.

With this in mind and to support business continuity, the NSW Office of the Registrar General (ORG), NSW Land and Registry Services (LRS) and PEXA have worked together to facilitate a temporary solution to deliver out-of-scope paper documents through the PEXA platform. A single price will apply to this document, referred to as the COVID-19 Residual Lodgement

While we hope this measure is a useful resource for members at this time, it is important to note that the COVID-19 Residual Lodgement process functions as an electronic delivery of paper documents to the LRS for registration. Once documents have been received by LRS, they will follow the current process for registration of paper dealings.

This temporary COVID-19 Residual Lodgement functionality for paper dealings will be replaced by fully electronic dealings in the future. The PEXA fees will then reflect the specific instrument being electronically lodged.

Do you work for a financial institution?

PEXA is dedicated to supporting all financial institutions who play a key role as Mortgagees in property settlements – from lodging mortgages to refinancing in financial settlements.  If your institution needs help with transitioning from paper to digital transactions to PEXA, visit our dedicated Financial Institutions page or get in touch with your dedicated Financial Services team on

Key contact details

For buyers and sellers: We encourage you to speak to your lawyer or conveyancer if you have any questions about PEXA or online property exchange. Learn more about PEXA for buyers and sellers.

For lawyers and conveyancers: Our friendly support staff are available on national business days from 8.30am – 8.00pm AEST/DT. They can be contacted by phone on 1300 084 515 or email at

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.