Settling property?
We’re supporting South Australia

Settling property?
We’re supporting
South Australia

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Hear from South Australian conveyancers who are already successfully transacting online.

"PEXA means more efficient business. It boils down to valuing your time as a professional. Savings are made outside of the settlement room. Our staff are investing their saved hours in face-to-face meetings with our clients focusing on customer experience. It’s a no brainer."

John Erskine
Managing Director at Conveyancing Matters

"You have to be flexible for your clients, providing them with the customer service they expect. Our time savings are huge, half of our work is PEXA and because of this we get to spend more time promoting our business and concentrating on customer experience."

Denise McKay
Registered Conveyancer and Business Owner at McKay Business Services

"As a small business owner, PEXA has been a great invention to save us time out of the office attending settlements and better control over our files as we are now able to monitor not only how our client’s bank is tracking for settlement but also the other parties involved, this in turn allows us to offer an even better and less stressful service for our clients!"

Melissa Hayward
Your Choice Conveyancing

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