We're committed to giving back to our communities

We want to contribute to building a better future. A more inclusive society for our people, their families, our members and all Australians. One where everyone has a safe place to sleep at night. 

We asked our people to help shape our social impact program and their voices have guided us in establishing partnerships with aligned community-based service providers, focused on creating opportunities for employees to give back. Overwhelmingly, our people are passionate about two specific areas; mental health and homelessness, which form the foundations of our program today. 

Diversity and inclusion

Our approach

We're committed to embracing diversity within the workplace, advocating for change, driving progress, and supporting inclusion.

Led by our people, our Diversity and Inclusion committee is guiding our journey, defining what it means to belong and making our vision a reality.  

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An inclusive space for our community

Our wellness hub came to life during the COVID-19 restrictions in 2020. A space to prioritise mental health and holistic wellness. It’s available to anyone, with resources and expert masterclasses, created in partnership with our wellness suppliers.

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Shared value partners

In Australia, more than 116,000 people sleep homeless every night and a further 1.5 million live in housing stress. There is a shortage of 600,000 social and affordable homes, projected to grow more to than 1 million by 2036.

With statistics like these, it’s clear we need to do something different if we’re going to make a genuine impact.

By joining forces with community-based partners, we can leverage the innovation and resources we have on hand to support commercial imperatives that are transparent and aligned. We believe this is the best way to create a long term, sustainable impact. It’s an approach that’s known as shared value – and it’s a different way of tackling important social challenges.

A partnership of shared value

It makes sense that our first shared value partnership is with Homes for Homes. After all, we spend our days focused on getting people into their homes, and tackling homelessness is an important and necessary extension of that work. 

Homes for Homes is a social enterprise – backed by The Big Issue – that aims to help end homelessness in Australia by asking property owners to donate 0.1% of the sale price of their property. These funds are directed to community housing providers to increase the supply of affordable and social housing. These funds are then pooled and disbursed to community housing providers to increase the supply of affordable and social housing.

We first started collaborating with Homes for Homes in 2016, to transition the paper caveat process to digital. We couldn’t be prouder to see the relationship evolve into a shared value partnership. We are still working together, now with the aim to support a long-term promise to help end homelessness in Australia.

What we've achieved so far

Between 2021 and 2022, we will be granting at least $250,000 to Homes for Homes via a national grant disbursement program that’s designed to help increase the supply of social and affordable housing for those who need it most.

PEXA in the community

Proudly supporting


SisterWorks empowers female refugees, asylum seekers and migrants by generating work and entrepreneurship opportunities. The initiative improves confidence and mental wellbeing, and provides a sense of belonging and economic security. We’re proud to be a supporter.

In 2020 we kicked off our first mentorship program, giving PEXArians and the SisterWorks team the opportunity to connect and share knowledge.

Our relationship quickly evolved, and in March 2021 we hosted a SisterWorks hack day – an initiative of some very passionate PEXArians. With more than 40 PEXArians taking part, the team used technology and innovative thinking to provide solutions for six SisterWorks business problems.

We’re continuing to work together today, supporting the implementation of new initiatives through skills-based volunteering opportunities. It’s an exciting collaboration and a wonderful way to empower women every day.


Through our volunteer policy, PEXA employees have the opportunity to take one day per year to volunteer at a not-for-profit organisation of their choice – by themselves or with their colleagues.

We’ve partnered with GoodCompany to connect PEXArians with more than 1,500 volunteer opportunities on the Workplace Giving platform. It allows the PEXA team to donate to, fundraise for, or volunteer with, an organisation of their choice.

Small Business Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for small businesses. So we’re proud to be a founding partner of The Buy Local movement. It’s an initiative to encourage consumers to buy and support their local traders, whether online, over the phone or face-to-face. By banding together with organisations nationwide, the aim is to help small businesses weather the economic impacts of the pandemic.

As well as promoting the cause, we’re providing PEXA members with free access to Small Busines Australia’s knowledge suite, which includes more than 50 learning resources, videos and digital business tools.

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