Survivorship Applications

Survivorship Applications

What Can I do?

You can lodge standalone Survivorship Applications in Victoria electronically through PEXA. A Survivorship Application is used by a surviving proprietor, when a joint tenant on a property title has passed away, enabling the surviving proprietor to make an application to remove the deceased’s name, so that only the surviving proprietor’s name remains on title.

A Survivorship Application can be lodged on its own in a PEXA workspace, or together in the same workspace as a Caveat or Discharge of Mortgage, enabling greater efficiencies when completing conveyancing matters. In a future release, you will also be able to lodge a Survivorship Application in the same workspace as a Transfer or a Mortgage.

Learn more about Survivorships, including how to lodge a Survivorship through PEXA here.


What does this mean for me?

Lodging a Survivorship Application through PEXA provides a more streamlined, efficient process. Document creation and preparation is simplified, enabling you to more quickly and easily lodge a standalone Survivorship Application.

Additionally, PEXA performs routine lodgement verifications on all documents within a lodgement case to minimise any risk of lodgement failure. Once prepared, the Survivorship Application will be lodged in real-time with the Land Registry, providing a more efficient lodgement experience.