What can I do?

With PEXA, you can electronically:

  • Create a Transfer of Land for a single title or multiple land titles (subject to common proprietorship).
  • Represent various parties:
    • The Vendor, referred to as Proprietor on Title.
    • The Purchaser, referred to as Incoming Proprietor.
    • A financial institution. You can act on their behalf as an incoming mortgagee or effect a discharge as mortgagee on title.
  • Facilitate a Directed Transfer (Transfer by Direction) within a single lodgement case (subject to jurisdictional stamp duty restrictions).

Visit Transfers in the e-Conveyancing Community for more details on how to lodge and settle Transfers electronically. View the online training materials, watch a short how-to video and complete the interactive tutorials.


What does this mean for me?

A key benefit of e-Conveyancing is consistency between documents because you no longer need to enter data multiple times. PEXA automatically generates a transfer counterpart for each transferee and transferor in the Workspace. PEXA also generates supporting jurisdictional documents, including:

  • Notice of Acquisition (VIC).
  • Notice of Sale (NSW).
  • Form 24 Part A and B (QLD).
  • Form 25 (QLD) if Purchaser is a foreign resident.

To reduce your chance of lodgement failure and costly post-lodgement requisitions, PEXA conducts automatic verification and validation checks, including: 

  • Validation of Stamp Duty payable from the relevant State Revenue Office
  • Unlimited access to Lodgement Verification Services from the relevant Land Registry to validate if the dealings in the lodgement case will be accepted.
  • Unlimited access to Title Activity Checks (TAC) from the relevant Land Registry to determine if any activity has occurred on title since the last TAC was completed.
  • Lodgement Gap Cover - PEXA automatically assumes responsibility for loss (subject to conditions) incurred between your final title activity check and successful lodgement with the land registry. This coverage is automatic and at no extra cost for Purchasers settling in PEXA.

PEXA processes payments as cleared funds. These include:

  • Stamp Duty
  • Practitioner fees
  • Settlement consideration


What are the costs?

The fees for each Transfer conducted in PEXA differ depending on whether the Workspace contains a single title or multiple titles.

PEXA provides Notices of Sale and Notices of Acquisition free of charge.

For more information on PEXA pricing, please refer to our pricing schedule.

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