Subscriber Review Process


Operating requirement 14.7 of the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council’s (ARNECC’s) Model Operating Requirements (MOR), requires PEXA to establish, implement, review and keep current a Subscriber Review Process to ensure Subscribers are complying with the Model Participation Rules (MPR). 

Accordingly, on a monthly basis, starting from May 2019, Subscriber Managers across a number of practitioner firms and financial institutions will be selected to participate in a Subscriber Review Process. If your firm is selected, you will have 30 days to complete the review.

We are revisiting your compliance obligations under the MPR over two webinars in March. Register for the webinars here. A recording of the webinar will be made available in the Webinar Hub for future reference.

You may also access help material on a dedicated compliance page on the e-Conveyancing Community. 


  1. The Australian Registrars' National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) is the body established to facilitate the implementation and ongoing management of the regulatory framework for electronic conveyancing of real property in Australia.

  2. No, Subscriber Managers who have been selected for this review need to complete the review within 30 days as a requirement posed in the MPR.

  3. Subscriber Managers who have not been able to successfully evidence compliance with the MPR will be notified directly.  PEXA will work with the affected Subscriber Manager to ensure appropriate actions are taken to remedy any identified gaps. In some cases, non-compliance may lead to suspension.

  4. Contact details will be provided with the online assessment to discuss your options directly with PEXA.

  5. All participants are required to complete all sections of the Subscriber Review Process before submission. However, you can save your progress and return to complete this questionnaire at any time.

  6. The process for selecting recipients of the Subscriber Review Process is random and based upon criteria previously agreed with ARNECC.  Recipients include, but are not limited to Financial Institutions, Legal Practitioners, and Conveyancers.

  7. Yes, as this is a requirement of the MPR, Subscriber reviews will be undertaken on an ongoing basis from May 2019. In this regard, you may be required to complete the review in a future cycle.

  8. We recommend a review and understanding of the MPR. This can be further supplemented by attendance in the webinar and reference to additional resources on Community.

  9. A dispute resolution process is in place for Subscriber Managers who wish to challenge the decision. An email detailing the dispute can be submitted to PEXA will respond to the email within 5 business days.

  10. Once you have submitted your completed review in a satisfactory manner, PEXA will notify you of your results within 10 business days.

  11. Yes, you may engage other experts within your organisation, however, the review will need to be submitted by a Subscriber Manager in your organisation.

  12. Subscriber Managers will be required to complete an online assessment on behalf of their organisation that will include questions on eligibility criteria (as defined in the MPR); general obligations; system security and integrity. Subscriber Managers will be requested to answer these questions within 30 days, and where necessary, to attach relevant evidence.

  13. Subscriber Managers will be contacted 30 days prior to the due date of the assessment. They can choose to engage colleagues to respond to the questions but the completed assessment must be submitted by the Subscriber Manager.

  14. The Subscriber Review Process differs from other assessments that Subscribers may have completed, such as compliance examinations conducted by land registries. PEXA is required by ARNECC to complete this review, which focuses on Subscriber obligations as outlined in the MPR.