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Faster, Safer, More Efficient

A New Era in
Property Transactions

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Welcome to PEXA, Australia's online property exchange

The PEXA System is a secure platform that allows Australia's property lawyers and conveyancers, land registries and financial institutions to transact together, online.
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  • FASTER: Fast access to cleared funds, no more cheques, no need to physically attend settlement, pre-populated data.
  • SAFER: Nationally regulated system, greater transparency, reduced risk of fraud, verification of identity of PEXA Subscribers.
  • MORE EFFICIENT: Real time lodgement and settlement, greater certainty of settlement completing successfully, less time preparing documents. 

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The below image is an example of a PEXA Workspace: 







"PEXA is so much simpler than the manual process! I was able to call our client immediately
following settlement to confirm funds had been received. Amazing!"
Niki Belogiannis, Galilee





"The platform is painless and quick to use".
Nino Galgano






"We will definitely be inviting our counterparties to transact with us through PEXA. I think this is a significant move forward for the conveyancing professional and the greater economy. We're proud to be involved."
Carolyn Booth, Smart Choice Conveyancing






"The introduction of electronic settlements is singularly the most significant advancement in
technology to benefit the conveyancing profession."
Paul Denny, Paul Denny Conveyancing