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Why Settle Property Online?

Advantages of digital property settlements

Your buying or selling journey starts online – with website searches, mortgage calculators and other online tools. However, until recently, the conveyancing process was mostly completed offline. Paperwork and postage increased the risk of errors and delays. 20% of settlements were delayed a median of seven days and 25% of these customers suffered financially.

These findings are captured in a specially commissioned, PwC Digital Property Report.

Digital property settlements helps streamline the process for buying and selling property.

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PEXA benefits for property sellers

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    Greater certainty

    Manual processing is prone to error. Your lawyer or conveyancer will use PEXA's online document checks bring you greater certainty of successful, on-time settlement.

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    Get your money fast & securely

    Sellers are recommended to use the PEXA Key app to track their settlement and securely transfer bank account details to the PEXA platform your conveyancer or lawyer uses. Your sale proceeds will be processed digitally as cleared funds to your nominated accounts.

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    Easier for you

    PEXA makes the experience of settling easier for you. With PEXA, there is no longer any need to physically obtain and sign a paper transfer document.

PEXA benefits for property buyers

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    On-time property settlement

    PEXA's digital document checks give you greater certainty that your settlement will complete as scheduled, so you can get the keys to your new property and move in as planned.

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    Peace of mind

    In the manual world, documents registering your ownership are typically not lodged until days or sometimes weeks after settlement. With PEXA, this happens instantly giving you peace of mind.

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    No more bank cheques

    PEXA eliminates the need for bank cheques, saving you time and money.

Track my Settlement

PEXA Key is the settlement app for buyers and sellers. It offers high-level settlement tracking and importantly, a secure way to communicate bank account details. This removes the vulnerability risks associated with email communications.

Speak to your lawyer or conveyancer about PEXA Key.

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Plan my Move


Move house with Smaver and save time, money and hassles. Plan, organise and make your move with our moving house checklist, get pro tips to move smarter, and access great value offers on goods and services from trusted providers.

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PEXA Residential Seller Guarantee

Buying and selling a home is an important time and stressful when things don’t go to plan.

At PEXA, we understand the role we play in maintaining the security of the purchase or sale of your property. To greater safeguard your digital settlement, the PEXA Residential Seller Guarantee provides protection to sellers in the event of certain kinds of fraud.

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How to Settle Online

PEXA-registered lawyers and conveyancers can advise how your property will be settled electronically. They’ll also introduce you to PEXA Key, the secure and free app that helps track your property settlement in real time. Find out more about PEXA Key