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About e-Conveyancing

What is e-Conveyancing? 

e-Conveyancing minimises the manual processes and paperwork associated with property exchange by enabling financial institutions, lawyers and conveyancers and others to transact together online.

It improves efficiency and transparency by enabling property settlements to be completed electronically with pre-populated data, real-time lodgement and streamlined processes.

The origins of e-Conveyancing

e-Conveyancing is an initiative championed by the property industry to simplify and digitise the complex process of property exchange. Instigated by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), it’s built around an online network of members supported by PEXA.

To ensure the integrity of the network, the Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) has developed a regulatory framework, under which PEXA operates. Industry safeguards include the Participation Agreement, Verification of Identity (VOI) and Digital Certificates.

e-Conveyancing is currently live in five states and is a collaboration between many industry participants, including financial institutions, Land Registries and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

Digital Transformation

PEXA is committed to supporting the property industry as it transitions towards a 100% digital future. Land Use Victoria and Landgate’s reforms requiring certain land registry instruments to be lodged electronically from 1 August 2016, marked the first phase of digital transformation for property instruments nationally. Our dedicated team is committed to working with all organisations to assist with the implementation of online conveyancing transactions.

Land Registry Changes 1 March 2017

Land and Property Information (LPI) New South Wales is following Land Use Victoria and Landgate’s lead and bringing property transactions online. 

From 1 March 2017, Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADI) or their Representatives are required to lodge standalone discharges of mortgage and consumer mortgages in PEXA. If you need to lodge electronically in New South Wales, you can learn more below, or contact our dedicated Support Centre for assistance. 

The LPI changes are available here.

Land Registry Changes 1 August 2016

If you are an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) or a legal practice representing an ADI and need to lodge electronically in Victoria or Western Australia, you can learn more below, or contact our dedicated Support Centre for assistance. 

Learn More

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    Real-time lodgement of Land Registry documents.

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    Pre-lodgement verification and direct access to Land Registry data.

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    Tracking of all parties’ progress through each stage of the transaction.

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    Geographical barriers removed with settlement completed online.

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    Online completion of settlement and fast access to proceeds of sale.

Electronic Transactions

Lodgement only

  • Mortgage and Discharge of Mortgage

    Mortgage and Discharge of Mortgage

    Lodge your mortgage or discharge of mortgage in real-time.

  • Lodgement and Withdrawal of Caveat

    Lodgement and Withdrawal of Caveat

    Electronically lodge or withdraw caveats efficiently and in real time.

Lodgement and Financial Settlement

  • Refinances


    Complete refinances within 15 days, with instant lodgement and financial settlement.

  • Transfers


    Lodge and settle electronically - no need to physically attend settlement.

  • Linked Settlements

    Linked Settlements

    Ability to easily complete Linked Settlements electronically.

Network Members

Thousands of members ready to transact

PEXA continues to grow, with members including many financial institutions, including the four major banks and over 7,000 lawyers and conveyancers. PEXA has activated over 140 financial institutions.

Hear from your network

Martyn Norman, Head of Lending at Bank Australia describes his experiences with e-Conveyancing.

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    Watch Martyn's story

    Hear from Martyn Norman, Head of Lending at Bank Australia.

Help & Community

Keep up to date with the network

Visit the e-Conveyancing Community to read the latest industry agreed refinance and transfer guidelines and to follow discussion threads between members of the PEXA network.

Visit the Community 


How much does it cost?

PEXA-registered financial institutions pay only per successful transaction. PEXA does not charge up-front registration fees or ongoing subscription fees.

Charges are based on the type of transaction (e.g. mortgage, discharge of mortgage). This fee is separate from the statutory lodgement fees, which are set by each jurisdiction’s Land Registry.

For security, PEXA uses Digital Certificates to encrypt the data of documents signed online. This maintains the security of the network. When you register, you’ll receive your first Digital Certificate free of charge. Additional Digital Certificates cost $151.47 inc. GST each.

Pricing - Mortgage Processing - Financial Institutions
Mortgage Processing Single TItle Multiple Titles*
Lodgement of Mortgage $42.79 $59.29
Discharge Mortgage $20.68 $32.67
Discharge with Financial Settlement $42.24 $54.01
Mortgage with Caveat Withdrawal $42.79 $59.29
Mortgage with Financial Settlement $57.20 $73.59

*Related to multiple titles on the same registry instrument.

Click through to view the full pricing schedule and further pricing information. 

View Pricing

Managing Work in PEXA

How PEXA Manager can help

PEXA Manager sits alongside the PEXA system and helps you to monitor, manage and prioritise your Workspaces and invitations.

Focus your attention on the important tasks at hand. PEXA Manager supports you across all transaction types currently available on the PEXA platform.

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    Administer work

    Manage outstanding tasks and assign work to your users and representatives.

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    Track progress

    Manage work waiting for other participants to action.

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    Stay updated

    Receive alerts based on protocols in the industry agreed refinance and transfer guidelines.

Contact your PEXA Account Manager or our Support Centre to discuss gaining access to PEXA Manager.

Operating Models

Flexibility to suit your current and future needs

PEXA currently has two different operating models available for financial institutions.

Principal Subscriber
You can perform your own transactions and/or use panel Representative Subscribers (lawyers and conveyancers) to act on your behalf. You may also use a third-party processor (sub-contractor) to act on your behalf.

In order to be eligible to be a Principal Subscriber, you will need to meet the Eligibility Criteria in the Model Participation Rules. This includes the Insurance Rules which set out requirements in relation to insurance. ADIs are deemed to comply with the insurance requirements, while non- ADIs are required to hold the prescribed insurance. 

Non-Transacting Panel Master
Financial institutions who utilise this model do not need to meet the Eligibility Criteria in the Model Participation Rules. 

Representative Subscribers (lawyers and/or conveyancers) act on your behalf. You will not be able to perform your own transactions, however you will be visible on the PEXA network.


PEXA caters for three different lender types.

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    Authorised Deposit taking Institutions (ADI)

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    Mortgage Managers

Sign up with PEXA

Starting with PEXA

PEXA’s dedicated Financial Services Team is here to support you in the transition to electronic property transactions. When you register your interest in joining the e-Conveyancing network, a member of the team will contact you and walk you through the process. 

Email PEXA

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    Commercial readiness

    Building your business case and completing paperwork.

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    Operational readiness

    Understanding your processes and integrating with PEXA.

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    Technical readiness

    Setting up user groups and sourcing funding solutions.

Learning to Use PEXA

Training Programs

  1. TTT is available exclusively to employees of PEXA’s members and Official Learning Partners, and is ideal for in-house learning and development professionals, leaders and senior members of operational teams, lecturers and facilitators of training.

    Attendees will receive practical training on mortgage processing, lodging and withdrawing caveats, completing transfers in PEXA and more, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver their own training on econveyancing. Further information is available here.

    To register your interest in the Train the Trainer program, contact your Account Manager or

  2. PEXA runs a variety of regular webinars to assist you in your PEXA learning journey.

    Visit PEXA's deticated Webinars page on the e-Conveyancing Community to register for one or more many free webinars, as well view previous webinar recordings, covering various topics related to online lodgement and settlement.

    For any webinar suggestions or feedback, please email


Throughout the year PEXA presents at a number of events across the country including those run by the ABA, COBA and AB+F.

PEXA is often asked to speak on digital innovations within the banking & finance and property sectors and welcomes your attendance at these sessions.

Hear from PEXA and your peers on how e-Conveyancing is creating digital efficiencies across the entire property settlement process.

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