Your Key to smarter

property settlements

What is PEXA Key?

PEXA Key is a secure app which allows buyers and sellers to track the sale or purchase of their property, right up until settlement day.

The app is packed with additional features such as checklists to help you move house, what to expect articles and exclusive partner offers.

Who can use the app?

Any buyer or seller can use PEXA Key once a property purchase or sale has been made. To date, over 179,000 homeowners have tracked life’s biggest transaction using PEXA Key.

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    Settlement updates

    Receive updates on the progress of your property settlement.

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    What to expect

    Handy "plan your move" checklists and articles to help you navigate your settlement journey.

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    The ability to securely share your bank details directly via the encrypted platform.

Why use PEXA Key?

Near real-time countdown to settlement

The property settlement journey is a life-changing and exciting experience, but it can be complex too. The PEXA Key app makes it easier for you to navigate the process.

A near real-time settlement countdown lets you track your settlement as it progresses, with notifications at the important points in the process and reminders about key tasks.

Checklists & Tools

As a leading online settlement tool used by lawyers, conveyancers, PEXA is uniquely placed to provide helpful suggestions and short articles to help guide you through every step of the settlement process. From moving checklists to helpful guides.

Security to keep your funds safe

The PEXA Key app has been specifically built to eliminate the risk of email phishing, enabling you to provide your bank account details to your practitioner instantly and safely.

For added peace of mind, the Secure Communication Guarantee adds $2m of protection for you if your bank account details shared between your practitioner are corrupt or intercepted due to fraud.

To install the free app, follow these simple steps:

1. Look out for the SMS or email invitation from your conveyancer or lawyer

Then click the download the link to download the free app from the App Store or Google Play

2. Open the app

Start the activation process. You’ll be prompted through the setup steps below

3. Enter your email and mobile number

This must be an exact match to the details you provide your conveyancer or lawyer 

4. Enter the secure one-time activation code

This is sent to your mobile phone via SMS verifying you are the correct person

5. Set up a secure password

Remember to use a unique password and never share this with anyone else

6. Add your property

Confirm the address for the property you’re buying or selling

Interested in getting started with PEXA Key? Contact your lawyer or conveyancer today.