About e-Conveyancing

What is e-Conveyancing?

e-Conveyancing was created to enable lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions to complete property settlements together online. e-Conveyancing reduces manual processing of paperwork and bank cheques, by allowing land registry instruments to be lodged electronically and funds to be transferred in real time.

e-Conveyancing also reduces the risk of errors and delays, giving you and your clients greater certainty of successful, on-time settlements.

The origins of e-Conveyancing 

e-Conveyancing is a product of industry collaboration to simplify the property settlement process and bring settlements into the digital age. Initiated by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), PEXA was created to bring together an online network of practitioners and financial institutions, to work collaboratively to digitise the settlement process.

To ensure the integrity of the network, the Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) has developed a regulatory framework, under which PEXA operates. Industry safeguards include the Participation Agreement, Verification of Identity and Digital Certificates.

e-Conveyancing is currently live in five states and is a collaboration between many industry participants, including financial institutions, Land Registries and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

PEXA is committed to supporting the property industry as it transitions towards a 100% digital future. 

Register for PEXA

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    Less time preparing documents and no need to attend settlement.

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    Secure electronic funds disbursement - no organising bank cheques.

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    Free expert training and support on your e-Conveyancing journey.

Network Members

Thousands of members ready to transact

The PEXA network continues to grow, with over 8,800 lawyers and conveyancers registered nation wide.

Hear from your network

Lawyers and Conveyancers share their experiences of e-Conveyancing.

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    Watch Elissa's story

    Hear from Elissa Robertson of Robertson Conveyancing.

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    Watch Steve's story

    Hear from Steve Shelley of Boothby & Boothby Solicitors.

Help & Community

Learn. Share. Connect.

Visit the e-Conveyancing Community for instructional articles, how-to videos and interactive tutorials.

Sign up and share your e-Conveyancing experiences, provide your feedback and support each other in the transition to 100% digital.

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How much does it cost?

PEXA-registered lawyers and conveyancers pay only per successful transaction. PEXA does not charge up-front registration fees or ongoing subscription fees.

Charges are based on the type of transaction (e.g. mortgage, transfer). This fee is separate from the statutory lodgement fees, which are set by each jurisdiction’s Land Registry.

To ensure security when signing documents online, PEXA uses Digital Certificates to encrypt the data. This maintains the security of the network. When you register, PEXA will cover the cost of your first Digital Certificate. For the cost of additional, renewal or replacement Digital Certificates, visit the Pricing page.

Pricing 2021 - Conveyancing Transactions - Lawyers & Conveyancers
Conveyancing Transactions Single Title Multiple Titles*
Transfer Title $116.60 $133.54
Caveat $16.39 $28.60
Caveat Withdrawal $16.39 $28.60
Caveat with Financial Settlement $31.57 $48.62
Priority Notice $9.35 $9.35
Priority Notice Withdrawal $9.35 $9.35
Priority Notice Extension $4.73 $4.73

*Related to multiple titles on the same registry instrument.

Click through to view the full pricing schedule and further pricing information. 

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Client Benefits

Benefits to your clients

Using e-Conveyancing, you can provide your clients with streamlined processes and greater transparency. Whether you’re representing buyers or sellers, e-Conveyancing helps you to improve client satisfaction.

When completing a paper settlement, there is a lodgement gap risk, meaning that a late dealing on the title between settlement and lodgement could impact registration. PEXA’s Lodgement Gap Cover  means that PEXA assumes responsibility for any loss incurred if a dealing prevents registration or takes priority (subject to conditions set out in the Participation Agreement).In a paper settlement, this cover is an additional cost. With PEXA this is provided to buyers’ free of charge.

Buyer Benefits

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    On-time settlement

    Online document checks ensure documents are validated prior to lodgement.

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    Peace of mind

    Relevant documents lodged instantly with the Land Registry.

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    The end of cheques

    Replace cheques with online funds transfers to save time and money.

Seller Benefits

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    Greater certainty

    Fewer manual processes - less risk of delayed settlement.

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    Fast access to funds

    No waiting for cheques - proceeds of sale processed as cleared funds.

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    Ease of use

    Signing of paper transfer documents no longer required.

Acting for a Financial Institution

As a practitioner, you are able to represent Financial Institutions for e-Conveyancing transactions. 

  1. The financial institution will be visible in the network but Representative Subscribers will perform all transactions on their behalf (the financial institution will not be able to perform their own transactions in PEXA).

  2. The financial institution will be visible in the PEXA network and can perform their own transactions, or use Representative Subscribers (lawyers or conveyancers) to perform transactions on their behalf. The financial institution will need to meet the eligibility criteria in the Model Participation Rules and sign the PEXA Participation Agreement. 

  3. PEXA provides many operational and organisational benefits to you when you act on behalf of a financial institution. These include:

    • Lodge registry instruments with improved efficiency and shorter settlement times.
    • Reduce rework with direct access to Land Registry data and pre-lodgement verification.
    • Reduce the amount of work to be done post-settlement.
    • Improve clients’ certainty and satisfaction by using a transparent process that also removes geographical barriers.

Sign Up

Join the e-Conveyancing network

If you’re an Australian lawyer or conveyancer, you can register with PEXA online in eight easy steps. Before you get started, read the FAQs below.

Register today and experience the advantages of e-Conveyancing. As a member, you’ll be able to transact with lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions from across Australia.

  1. Australian lawyers and conveyancers can join PEXA by registering online. At any stage, you can save your progress and exit the application, allowing you to resume at a later date. If you have any questions, the PEXA Registration Team are on hand to guide you through the registration process.

  2. Anyone from a law firm or conveyancing practice can complete the online registration on behalf of the organisation. However, in the final step of registration, agreements will need to be executed by an authorised signatory (that is, someone who is legally authorised to sign on behalf of your organisation).

  3. Early in the registration process you’ll be asked to nominate a Subscriber Manager. This person will be responsible for administering the account and receiving important notifications. They will also receive the first Digital Certificate.

    It’s recommended that you nominate a legal practitioner or licensed conveyancer for this role.

    • Organisational details: ABN and ACN (if applicable)
    • Professional details: Relevant certificates or licence
    • Financial details: Direct debit account details; trust account and duty disbursement account details (if applicable)
    • Names of persons to receive Digital Certificate(s)
    • Verification of Identity (VOI)

    Digital Certificates and VOI are industry safeguards that conform with the ARNECC regulatory framework.

  4. Those who sign the PEXA Participation Agreement on behalf of your organisation will be required to complete a VOI. There are a number of ways in which this can be completed and PEXA will provide support to do this.

  5. Digital Certificates encrypt data, ensuring secure electronic signing of documents and financials in PEXA. Each Subscriber is required to obtain at least one Digital Certificate. The number of Digital Certificates needed will depend on how many people will be signing documents on behalf of your organisation.

    Your first Digital Certificate is free and will be issued to your nominated Subscriber Manager. Additional Digital Certificates can be ordered at any stage for $154.77 each. Each one is stored on an encrypted USB Token and assigned to the specific user. Digital Certificates are not to be shared between team members.

  6. Online registration can be quick and easy, provided you have the required documents and information at hand.

    Once you have submitted your completed registration to PEXA (including VOI in approved form), your registration will be reviewed within two business days and finalised if all is in order. If required, your registration can be expedited. To request an urgent registration please contact PEXA.

    Your Digital Certificate will be sent through the mail, however if you have an imminent settlement we can facilitate delivery of your Digital Certificate via Express Post. You can start setting up your profile while you wait for it to arrive. Please ensure you contact PEXA as early as possible if you need your Digital Certificate express posted. 

    We’re here to help you complete the online registration and answer any questions you may have along the way.

  7. Once you’ve registered, we will email you a welcome pack. This will include step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account so you're ready to start transacting as soon as possible.

Learning to use PEXA

Transitioning to e-Conveyancing is easy with expert training

Quickly and easily transition to e-Conveyancing by receiving free one-to-one training on live transfer files from our expert PEXA Specialists. Training sessions can be held either in your office (depending on your location) or over the phone. 

Request a Specialist

PEXA Certified

The PEXA Certified program will provide you with access to valuable tools, including written resources, how-to videos and interactive tutorials, to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to easily transition to e-conveyancing.

Complete the program with a PEXA Specialist or by visiting the e-Conveyancing Community. Don't forget, you can always request a PEXA Specialist to assist you as you start transacting electronically. 

Training Programs

PEXA runs a variety of webinars to assist you in your PEXA learning journey.

Visit PEXA's dedicated Webinars page on the e-Conveyancing Community to register for one or more of our free webinars, as well view previous webinar recordings, covering various topics related to online lodgement and settlement.

For any webinar suggestions or feedback, please email training@pexa.com.au.

PEXA Official Learning Partners

PEXA is proud partner with Universities, Practical Legal Training (PLT) Providers, TAFEs and other higher education organisations to deliver PEXA as part of their learning programs. These organisations have gone through a vigorous training program with PEXA and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide excellent learning experiences. 

PEXA Official Learning Partners


Throughout the year we host a variety of talks, seminars, training workshops and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events. This provides an opportunity for you to connect and come together with other members of your network to share your experiences and maximise the efficiency gains e-Conveyancing offers your business.

PEXA also attend events and seminars hosted by your peak bodies including the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and state-based Law Society to provide guidance on how to transition your business into the digital era.  

Hear from PEXA and your peers on how e-Conveyancing is creating efficiencies across the entire property settlement process.

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