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Three firms collaborate for customer benefits

Three firms collaborate for customer benefits

Kruger Law, My Legal and Bakers Lawyers come together and elevate their offering even further with PEXA.

Kruger Law, My Legal and Bakers Lawyers three firms with a strong reputation for excellent service in the region for more than 20 years’, decided to come together and elevate their offering even further with Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). From buyers having their name on title sooner, to sellers receiving settlement funds almost instantly, this ability to provide a more efficient and secure service is a strong differentiating factor in one of Queensland’s hottest property regions.

Although firms coming together to embrace PEXA is not unheard of, this willingness to embark on the transition hand-in-hand was a rather unique approach.

This commitment to collaborate and implement PEXA was driven by their desire to achieve greater efficiencies, eliminate the need to travel for settlement and most importantly, provide a stronger customer experience.

My Legal Director, Paul Kusy, saw the chance to work with Kruger Law and Bakers Lawyers as an opportunity to strengthen community relationships.

“We were keen to network with colleagues locally to implement as a group and collaborate together to settle on PEXA. It was a comfort to know we could call on the other firms to discuss the application of PEXA, if needed” said Paul.

John Kruger, Partner of Kruger Law quickly understood the benefits of using PEXA and the experiences he could share with his clients.

“Despite being hesitant about the prospects, it became clear to me that we have to embrace e-Conveyancing. It's the way of the future as both our customers and employees increasingly expect a digital experience. I have been pleasantly surprised that it helps me provide a wonderful service to our clients, with almost instant access to funds and purchasers getting registration quickly.

“It’s pleasing when we see that My Legal or Bakers Lawyers are involved in a settlement on PEXA, because we can embrace technology to benefit our respective clients,” said John.

The three firms now try and settle through PEXA where possible and look forward to its wider adoption in Queensland.

“Change can be confronting but the learning curve is not that steep and the PEXA system is well structured and easy to use. The support we continue to receive from PEXA staff is prompt and invaluable” said Paul.

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.