What is PEXA Key?

PEXA Key is the new settlement app for buyers and sellers. It offers high-level settlement tracking and importantly, a secure way to communicate bank account details.

The PEXA Key app is exclusively available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and removes the vulnerability risks associated with email.

If you're a lawyer or conveyancer, read on to find out more.

Are you buying and/or selling a property?

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I'm a Buyer or Seller

The risks associated with manually collecting and entering bank details for settlement are just too high. The industry has been calling for a solution like PEXA Key for some time and we feel that this application is going to go a long way in protecting homebuyers, sellers and businesses alike.

Sally Nguyen, Director of B.O.S.S. Conveyancing

Why PEXA Key?

Benefits for your firm

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    Secure communication

    A secure alternative to email for communicating bank account details (vendor's account, your trust account, PEXA source account).

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    Remove need to rekey data

    Bank account details are sent via the app directly to your client's PEXA Workspace, removing the need to rekey bank account details.

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    Meet client expectations

    Differentiate your firm and delight clients with enhanced levels of service and security throughout their property settlement.

Through PEXA Key, we avoid the risks associated with manually entering bank details and have peace of mind knowing we are doing what is technologically possible, as of today, to safeguard our clients against email fraud.

Zelma Rudstein, Principal of RKL Lawyers and Conveyancers

Benefits for your clients

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    Secure communication

    The secure channel for communicating bank account details gives clients greater peace of mind that settlement proceeds will be disbursed to the correct accounts.

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    Settlement countdown

    Notifications provide your clients with a countdown to their property settlement so they feel connected and reassured.

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    Reduce settlement anxiety

    Settlement tracking and ‘what to expect’ information keep clients in the loop and means less reliance on timely phone calls with you to understand what’s going on.

It is easy to navigate and has got a lot of good information to keep you informed at every step of the process.

Yolandri, property buyer

Getting started

Invite your clients to download PEXA Key



    On your client's party record within their Workspace, select the PEXA Key check box to send them an invitation to download the app.



    Enter your client's mobile phone number and email address.

  • 3. THAT'S IT!

    3. THAT'S IT!

    Your client will receive an SMS and email inviting them to download the PEXA Key app, exclusively available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Help material, answers to frequently asked questions and PEXA Key logo badges

PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee

Buying and selling a home is an important time for your clients and we understand the stress that can be felt when transferring or receiving large sums of money.

As your digital property exchange platform, we understand the role we play in maintaining the security of the network. In order to better safeguard your electronic settlements, the PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee provides protection to buyers and sellers if the communication of bank account details between the buyer/seller and their practitioner’s PEXA Workspace is corrupted within PEXA or intercepted due to fraud.  

PS+C found PEXA Key to surpass industry standards, acting as a secure method for communicating bank details. In our experience with PEXA, it is clear it considers security its number one priority, placing critical importance on protecting consumers and their most valuable assets.

Arni Hardason, Technical Director at PSC Security