Buyer and Seller



    • Yes, you’ll be notified if you have notifications switched on.
    • The access pin is set by you and can be used to access the app at any time.
    • The SMS security activation code is a one time code that is used to confirm your identity when you first activate (or reactivate) your account.
    • We are working on face authorisation for a future release.

    • No, PEXA Key is a mobile app and can only be accessed via Apple Store or the Play Store

    • Please inform your conveyancing representative of your new contact details as soon as possible. If they have already sent you an invitation, they'll need to update the system and resend the invitation to you

    • Please confirm with your representative that they have sent you a PEXA Key invitation for the upcoming settlement. If they have, open the app and select Already have an account? Type in the email and password that were used for your previous settlement. Once you’re logged in you’ll see any past settlements that were tracked using PEXA Key, and you’ll be able to add the upcoming settlement.
    • If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot details and type in the email originally used to register. Follow the prompts in the email sent to you.
    • If you have changed your email and you don’t have access to the previous email anymore, you'll need to create a new account. Your new account can't display past settlements as they are linked to your previous email.
  1. You wil need to:

    • Register or log in to your PEXA Key account and view the workspace IDs listed under New property
    • Contact your conveyancing representative to confirm the property address for each workspace ID
    • You will need to contact your conveyancing representative to confirm the property address for each workspace ID

    • Not at the moment but we’re looking into this.

    • You can provide feedback within the app by clicking on your profile and scroll down to Provide Feedback.


    • You will need to ask your representative to check if the details you are entering into the app match the details they entered into PEXA.

    • This error occurs when you enter an invalid one time passcode when resetting your PIN. Check that you are entering the right security code that you received by SMS.

    • This error occurs when you have reset your password and the code has not been correctly entered into the app. Check that you are entering the right security code received by email.

    • The app is only available on the Australian Google Play Store and the Australian Apple App Store. Please check the details of your app store.

  1. Below the add address field, select Add address manually and manually enter the address:

    • Address line
    • Suburb
    • Post Code
    • State
    • Select the Edit icon next to the address, enter the correct details and select Save.

    • Check that you have responded to your representative's PEXA Key invitation for the upcoming settlement.
    • If you haven't received the invitation, please contact your representative.
    • If you have received the invitation but didn't respond, please do so.
    • If you have received and responded to the invitation, it is possible your representative has sent you another invitation for the same settlement after you registered. If this is the case, please register again using the recent invitation.
  2. Please check the following:

    • Your spam or junk folder
    • You are using the PEXA Key app and not the PEXA Exchange website
    • Please send any PEXA Key questions or support queries via email to our support team on or call 1300 084 515.