PEXA Key Resources

Our members have had some great ideas about how to promote PEXA Key to their clients. We've developed the following assets for you to use in your client letters and other communication:

  • 2 versions of our PEXA Key buyer-seller brochures
  • A short blurb introducing the app
  • 6 different PEXA Key logos

Pick and choose the resources that suit your business best below!

PEXA Key Brochures

We've created two different brochures for you to send your clients. One details the steps to install the app, while the other goes through those steps as well as how the app helps to track their settlement. You can either pick one that suits your business or download both and choose which to send a specific client.

PEXA Key How to Install


PEXA Key App Workflow


PEXA Key Blurb

We have had a lot of requests for a short blurb about PEXA Key to include in client communications. Feel free to copy and paste the below into your emails or webite. Remember to change the text in activation Step 1!

Track your settlement with the help of PEXA Key

PEXA Key is free and exclusively available from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Using PEXA Key in the lead up to settlement provides you with:

  • Staying on track: receive updates on the progress of your settlement
  • Learn more about settlement: access guides to help you understand the settlement process
  • Security: Safely confirm your bank account details for settlement with us, using a securely encrypted platform

To activate PEXA Key, please complete the following steps:

  1. Wait to receive an invitation to use the app from us at <YOUR BUSINESS NAME>. You will receive your invitation by both SMS and email.
  2. Download the free app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.
  3. Follow the steps in the app to activate your account. Ensure your contact details match the ones you have given to us.
  4. Enable push notifications to ensure you receive updates on your settlement

PEXA Key Badges

The PEXA Key badges are intended to identify members of Australia’s online property exchange, PEXA, who recommend use of the PEXA Key app for secure communication. You can use these badges in your email signatures, client letters, website or any other communications you send out.

Important: It is a requirement that you have completed the PEXA Key logo badge request form and have read through the Usage Guidlines prior to downloading these badges.