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with PEXA Key

What is PEXA Key

Settlements made simple

Property settlements can be life changing for buyers and sellers, but they can be complex and intimidating too.

Enter PEXA Key.

PEXA Key is a free app that helps buyers and sellers navigate through their property settlement more easily. Packed with tools and resources, including a settlement countdown, so they’ll never miss a beat.

Better still, PEXA Key security provides extra protection against phishing and fraud, for you and your customers.

Are you buying and/or selling a property?

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I'm a Buyer or Seller

“Amazed with the experience and getting updates in real time. I was really happy to see the property settled!" 

Praveen, Homebuyer

Counting down to settlement

A high-level settlement countdown lets buyers and sellers glance at their settlement’s progress.

The app updates them at important points during the process, but without viewing the property’s workspace.

Dott and Crossitt talk about how their customers love PEXA Key settlement updates and how it saves them time when settlements are approaching.

"You get regular real time alerts with your transaction. Customers absolutely love it."

Jared Zak, Dott & Crossit

Cyber security comes standard

In Australia alone, scams took $176.1m in 2020 (up 23.1% from 2019).

PEXA Key uses encrypted data for all bank details requested and shared in the app. Any details entered via the app are instantly and securely delivered into the accompanying PEXA Exchange workspace.

Nest Legal talk about how they’re using PEXA Key in their account verification processes to keep customer funds safe.

PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee

The PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee protects buyers and sellers if the communication of bank account details is corrupted within PEXA or intercepted due to fraud.

Click here to see the PEXA Key Secure Communication Guarantee terms and conditions.

Property settlement tips and checklists

PEXA Key includes a range of articles and checklists that make it easy for buyers and sellers to stay organsied for their move, well ahead of settlement day.

VJ Tait and Associates say their clients love these resources, no matter what stage of property ownership they're in.

Winner of the 2020 Australian Financial Review BOSS Most Innovative Companies awards

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How to send invitations

Always on invitations

Subscriber Managers can now arrange for PEXA Key invitations to automatically send when a new workspace is opened.

To activate:

  1. Go to ‘Administrator Tools’ and select ‘Manage Subscriber Details’
  2. Scroll to the ‘PEXA Key Registration’ section and set ‘Turn PEXA Key invitations on by default’ to ‘On’.
  3. The PEXA Key check box will now be selected any time your firm opens a workspace.

Send invitations from the PEXA Exchange

  • 1. Check the box in the workspace

    1. Check the box in the workspace

    If you have turned on the PEXA Key – Registration toggle, skip to step 2. On your client's party record within their Workspace, select the PEXA Key check box to send them an invitation to download the app.

  • 2. Enter your clients details

    2. Enter your clients details

    Enter your client's mobile phone number and email address

  • 3. Wait for them to accept

    3. Wait for them to accept

    Your client receives a PEXA Key app download link via SMS and email. They simply register using the same workspace details.

Discover more

Find everything you need to know about PEXA Key on our FAQ and resource pages including downloadable brochures for your clients.