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Owning positive digital client experiences

Owning positive digital client experiences

Ownit Conveyancing uses PEXA to streamline its processes, improving efficiencies across the board, allowing the firm to focus more on what matters most – the client experience.

Ownit Conveyancing in Queensland prides itself on being a progressive company that provides great client services. The ability to innovate and adapt is exactly why Ownit is changing the game for homebuyers and sellers on the Gold Coast.

Having recognised that technology is the way of the future, Ownit made the decision to further enhance their service by employing electronic settlements through Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). Melissa Warbrick, Director of Ownit, has not looked back since.

“We are committed to taking advantage of the great possibilities that digitisation is giving us, especially when it comes to developing our brand and achieving success as a market leader. PEXA has given me the opportunity to reinvent processes and ensure consistency whilst improving quality and service,” said Melissa.

“It seemed logical to move to e-conveyancing, which in essence has allowed us to complete a large number of settlements all from the click of a button.”

In as little as three months, Ownit has completed more than 200 transactions via the platform and continues to drive great client satisfaction. With digital transactions streamlining Ownits’ processes and improving efficiencies across the board, the firm can focus more on what matters most – the client experience.

“Being able to offer electronic settlements with greater protection has resulted in nothing but excellent feedback from clients. A huge benefit from a client’s perspective is the settlement time; the flexibility of being able to settle early ensures that the client faces a much less stressful move, which is a huge benefit to ensure client satisfaction and experience when using Ownit.

In addition, the buyers’ name quickly appears on title and sellers’ can have access to their funds on the day of settlement.”

As the e-Conveyancing network expands, more firms are beginning to experience the advantages technology provides. Melissa encourages those who are yet to transact to get on board early and get comfortable with the platform.

“Why wait... be a leader, future-proof your business and join the movement to a better, more efficient way to carry out property transactions for your clients.”

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.