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The Law Society of South Australia partners with PEXA

The Law Society of South Australia partners with PEXA

This year is looking to be filled to the brim with network collaboration across South Australia.

Industry bodies are joining forces to benefit their members, as PEXA and the Law Society of SA emulate in their recent sponsorship agreement. They aim to support and educate members throughout the industry’s electronic transition. Stephen Hodder, Chief Executive of Law Society SA, shared his thoughts on the new partnership:

“The Law Society of South Australia is committed to educating and supporting our Members during the state’s transition to mandatory e-Conveyancing. I am pleased to welcome PEXA as a new sponsor and look forward to working with them to deliver further benefits to our Members.”

PEXA’s Chief Customer Officer, Lisa Dowie, shared a similar outlook on the partnership’s promising future:

“PEXA is pleased to be partnering with the Law Society of South Australia in 2019. PEXA and the Law Society have been proactive in the support and education of our South Australian members, helping them to navigate the ongoing transition to electronic conveyancing. We’re excited to be continuing this journey together – working in tandem with the state’s legal practitioners to transform the way South Australians buy and sell property.”

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