Participation Agreement

Participation Agreement

Participation Agreement

What is the PEXA Participation Agreement?

The Participation Agreement (PA) is the overarching agreement between PEXA and each Subscriber. The PA includes:

  • Obligations of both parties including privacy, confidentiality, liability, suspension, termination, insurance, disputes and change management.
  • The PEXA Service Charter, PEXA Pricing Policy and PEXA Security Policy.
  • The terms and conditions governing Financial Settlement in PEXA.
  • A commitment by each Subscriber to comply with the Model Participation Rules, as outlined by ARNECC.

Who should execute the Participation Agreement?

The Participation Agreement should be executed by those person(s) who are authorised to enter into contracts on behalf of the organisation.
For example: 

  • For an Individual/ Sole Trader – that Individual/ Sole Trader.
  • For a Company with a sole director who is also a sole company secretary – that director.
  • For a Company with multiple directors – two directors or a director and a company secretary.
  • For a Partnership – all partners or those partners authorised to sign on behalf of the Partnership.

NOTE: Whoever executes the PA on behalf of an organisation will be required to complete a face-to-face Verification of Identity (VOI).

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Version History

Click on the links below to view previous versions of the PEXA Participation Agreement.


PEXA Participation Agreement Version 7.0: 5 November 2018 - 12 May 2019

PEXA Participation Agreement Version 6.0: 29 May 2017 - 4 November 2018

PEXA Participation Agreement Version 5.0: 28 November 2016 - 28 May 2017

PEXA Participation Agreement Version 4.0: 30 May 2016 - 27 November 2016

PEXA Participation Agreement Version 2.6: 12 October 2015 - 29 May 2016

PEXA Participation Agreement Version 2.4: 25 May 2015 - 11 October 2015

PEXA Participation Agreement Version 2.3: 10 November 2014 - 24 May 2015

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