Easily manage multi-lot developments with PEXA Projects


PEXA Projects

PEXA Projects streamlines the processes involved in the coordination and execution of settlements for multi-lot developments (off-the-plan sales and sales of vacant land post subdivision).

PEXA Projects supports members in completing conveyancing matters in the role of Proprietor on Title or Mortgagee on Title.

See PEXA Projects in action from the role of a Proprietor on Title.


What are the benefits?

PEXA Projects provides a range of features including a project overview dashboard and the ability to complete bulk actions across your PEXA Workspaces. 

All Workspaces for a development can be created in just five minutes – saving your team hours of administrative time at no extra cost.

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    Create and populate multiple Workspaces at the click of a button

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    Complete tasks across multiple Workspaces in bulk

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    View the status of multiple lots from a consolidated dashboard

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How can I access PEXA Projects?

Contact PEXA to find out more about how we can assist you with your upcoming development projects. 

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