Industry Milestones

Industry Milestones


13 June 2008
e-Conveyancing added to COAG agenda
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This Digital Life: Lindsay Tanner and John Brumby: e-Conveyancing a vital initiative for COAG


14 December 2021
State governments form NECD
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Lenders to save costs with NECS (Source: AB+F) 


30 October 2012
e-Conveyancing National Law passed in NSW
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Electronic conveyancing is law (Source: Banking Day)


30 December 2012
Des Mooney registered first discharge NSW
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Online lodgement and financial settlement has arrived – PEXA full functionality launches in NSW

12 February 2013
e-Conveyancing National Law passed (VIC Law)
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Electronic conveyancing to make completion of property transactions cheaper and more efficient (Source: Mondaq Business Briefing)

17 March 2013
First Major Bank prepares to transact
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Property Exchange prepares for launch (Source: IT News)

03 May 2013
e-Conveyancing National Law passed (QLD Law)
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Bill paves way for streamlined conveyancing (Source: My Sunshine Coast)

05 June 2013
Victoria live with online discharges of mortgage
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First release of electronic conveyancing system scheduled for June (Source: Banking Day)

07 July 2013
Des Mooney registered first discharge NSW

e-Conveyancing National Law passed (NT Law)

11 October 2013
e-Conveyancing National Law passed (WA Law)

WA Next to Implement the National Electronic Conveyancing Scheme (Source: Timebase)

11 October 2013
ANZ joins PEXA
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ANZ is the latest bank to join Property Exchange Australia

09 November 2013
e-Conveyancing National Law passed (TAS Law)
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Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Bill 2013

25 November 2013
All four major banks join NECDL
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Australia’s big four banks join Australia’s property exchange network


10 February 2014
PEXA brand relaunch (NECDL to PEXA)
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AMP launches RMBS, NECDL changes name to PEXA (Source: Banking Day)

23 February 2014
Landgate integrates with PEXA
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Western Australia’s Land Registry joins PEXA Platform (Source: Architecture & Design)

08 June 2014
First practitioner transaction (caveat)
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Nino Galgano who successfully lodged a caveat on a Victorian Title

09 June 2014
First Western Australian transaction by Westpac

Western Australia joins Australia’s online property exchange PEXA

01 November 2014
PEXA launches the ability to complete transfers in New South Wales
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Online lodgement and financial settlement has arrived – PEXA full functionality launches in NSW

03 November 2014
First practitioner online transaction in New South Wales
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Carolyn Booth of Smart Choice Conveyancing completes the first property transfer through PEXA

15 November 2014
First transfer in New South Wales
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First online property transfer a milestone (Source: Estate Agents Co-operative)

24 February 2014
PEXA launches VOI options

PEXA announces verification of identity options


19 January 2015
Victoria goes live with online transfer transactions
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PEXA has launched full online property transfer functionality in Victoria (Source: Legal Practice Intelligence)

16 February 2015
First digital Victorian transfer
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Sargeants Port Phillip & Jim’s Property Conveyancing complete first Victorian PEXA transfer

17 May 2015
Queensland goes live with e-Conveyancing
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Queensland joins PEXA’s e-conveyancing platform (Source: AB+F)

27 May 2015
Western Australia's first transfer
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CS Legal Lift-off: WA property transactions enter the digital era

09 August 2015
Queensland goes live for online transfers
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$864bn QLD property market poised for a digital future

10 December 2015
First Queensland digital transfer transaction
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Digital Property Exchange Comes to Queensland


22 February 2016
2000th PEXA practitioner customer
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Coleman Greig Lawyers

Thousands of law firms join Australian e-conveyancing tech start-up (Source: Legal Practice Intelligence)

11 March 2016
CBA integrates with PEXA
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia digital property transactions soar (Source: Australian Brains) 

21 May 2016
SA Revenue office integration
18 August 2016
SA Land Registry integration
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South Australia’s world-leading land titles system is moving to electronic transactions (Source: The Advisor)

02 June 2016
First fully digital settlement
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A behind-the-scenes look at Australia’s first paperless home sale

10 June 2016
Gadens complete online transactions 8,534 metres above sea level
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Settling home loans 8,500 metres above sea level

24 June 2016
South Australia goes live with e-Conveyancing

South Australian property market takes of

30 June 2016
$20 billion transacted through the platform
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$20bn in property value transacted through your PEXA platform

14 July 2016
The e-Conveyancing Community launches
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Helping you transition to e-Conveyancing (Source: Lawyer’s Weekly)

22 July 2016
First South Australian regional settlement
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Online game changer: closing South Australia’s country & city gap

26 July 2016
$9 million online property settlement
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Macpherson Kelley smashes record for most expensive electronic property settlement in Victoria

23 August 2016
PEXA ranked 22nd Best Place to Work 2016
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PEXA, one of Australia’s best places to work

25 August 2016
Triple property transaction (WA)
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A triple property transaction exchanged in minutes

15 September 2016
3000th PEXA practitioner customer
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PEXA’s 3000th Customer – Rigby Cooke Lawyers

12 October 2016
1,000 firms complete transfers online
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Over 1,000 transfers were completed via PEXA

15 October 2016
Land Use Victoria bulk converts thousands of property titles into electronic form

By LIV Media: The bulk conversion of land titles in Victoria: What lawyers need to know…

17 November 2016
Property developers turn on electronic property exchange
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Pace Development Group is showcasing a streamlined way of completing property transactions online

06 December 2016
100% digital timeline announced (WA)
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Western Australia’s Landgate announces the state’s 100% digital timeline.

13 December 2016
PEXA ranks top five in Deloitte’s ‘Tech Fast’ 500 Asia Pacific companies’ list
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PEXA catapults up the Tech Fast 500 companies’ list


10 January 2017
PEXAPLEX: PEXA's Melbourne headquaters opens its doors
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Property Exchange Australia has quickly grown from a start-up to become the 5th fastest growing technology company in the Asia Pacific region

17 January 2017
InfoTrack and PEXA integration
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An integrated competitive edge

22 February 2017
100% digital timeline announced (NSW)
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NSW governement releases 100% digital timeline

23 February 2017
100% digital timeline announced (VIC)
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Customer information bulletin 163

23 March 2017
Victoria’s first paperless online property transaction
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PEXA featured on Nine News Melbourne

28 March 2017
Industry transformation (SA)
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South Australia transitions standalone
and discharges of mortgage, as well as refinance transactions online

Notice to Lodging Parties, from Brenton Pike, Registrar-General

09 May 2017
4,000th PEXA practitioner customer
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Solomon Brothers’ Barristers, Solicitors & Attorneys

Milestone: 4,000th firm signs up to transact property online

26 May 2017
CBA and Bankwest hit 100,000 digital property transactions
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CBA Group celebrates 100,000 PEXA transactions

09 June 2017
Bankwest and PEXA integration
26 July 2017
1 August 2017: Industry Transformation
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1 August 2017: Industry Transformation

04 August 2017
PEXA claims gold in five categories at the 14th Annual International Business Awards
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Homegrown prop-tech start-up blitzes the pack at the 14th Annual International Business Awards

23 August 2017
PEXA, Top 20 Best Place to Work
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Reforming $7tn property market – PEXA’s a top Australian workplace

17 October 2017
C Solutions unveils its PEXA integration solution
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The launch of C Solutions’ SettsPlus-PEXA integrated solution is a massive stride forward for consumers in Western Australia

19 October 2017
SA announces next step in its compliance timeline
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Registrar-General Michael Burdett announces South Australia’s digital plans for remaining mortgages and standalone refinance transactions in the state

21 October 2017
Success at Women in Financial Services Awards
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Money Management recognises the e-Conveyancing industry’s growing success at this year’s Women in Financial Services Awards

31 October 2017
Industry Transformation (SA)
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Lodgment of encumbrances are now online in South Australia

04 November 2017
5000th PEXA practitioner customer
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Jennie Tran of Jem Lawyers becomes the 5000th practitioner to sign up to PEXA

25 November 2017
Industry Transformation (VIC)
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All caveats move online in Victoria

25 November 2017
Industry Transformation (WA)
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Refinance transactions move online in Western Australia


18 January 2018
Electronic property settlement record broken
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A Victorian property worth $22.5 million sets a new e-Conveyancing transaction value record.

07 February 2018
Industry Transformation (SA)
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Refinance transactions move online in South Australia

07 February 2018
$100 billion settled via PEXA
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Your network reaches $100bn in property value settled through PEXA.

24 February 2018
Industry Transformation (VIC)
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Standalone transfers and survivorships move online in Victoria.

11 April 2018
PEXA reaches 1 million transactions
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The PEXA network surpasses one million digital property transactions.

17 May 2018
Property Excellence Awards
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The outstanding members of the digital property industry were recognised for the first time at the inaugural Property Excellence Awards (PEXAs).

26 May 2018
100,000 transactions in May
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The e-Conveyancing network eclipses 100k transactions in a single month for the first time.

22 June 2018
PEXA Residential Seller Guarantee
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PEXA safeguards the consumer with the introduction of the PEXA Residential Seller Guarantee.

26 June 2018
Industry Transformation (NSW)
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Standalone transfers and caveats move online in New South Wales.

26 September 2018
Industry Transformation (VIC)
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All combinations of transfer transactions possible in PEXA move online.

1 change, 1 milestone and $64 million in property – read about it all here, by Russell Kennedy Lawyers

14 October 2018
2018 Australian Growth Company Awards
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PEXA is named the Technology Growth Company of the Year at the 2018 Australian Growth Company Awards.

22 November 2018
Introducing PEXA Plus

PEXA Plus, the new gateway to online property transactions, is now available in New South Wales, South and Western Australia.

26 November 2018
Industry Transformation (WA)
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All eligible caveats and standalone transfers move online in Western Australia.

02 December 2018
PEXA Plus Marketplace
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PEXA introduces its first iteration of the Marketplace, welcoming transparent property searches to the NSW market.

08 December 2018
PEXA reaches 2 million transactions
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Australia’s property network ticks over two million PEXA Exchange transactions.


12 January 2019
PEXA welcomes new owners
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PEXA’s share register transitions to reflect the acquisition of PEXA by LMC BidCo Pty Ltd, owned by Link Market Services, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure (MSI).

03 May 2019
e-Conveyancing National Law passed - ACT
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The ACT property industry and its homebuyers and sellers will soon benefit from digital property transactions.

27 June 2019
Industry Transformation (NSW)
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All mainstream conveyancing transactions will transition online in New South Wales. It Takes a Village: Our Journey to 100% Digital Property Settlements by Marcus Price, PEXA CEO

28 July 2019
Industry Transformation (VIC)
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SRO complex assessments and additional residual documents move online bringing Victoria even closer to 100% digital transactions.
Reflecting on a Journey, Paul Major – LUV

30 July 2019
Industry transformation (SA)
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All eligible property transactions in South Australia move online.

08 August 2019
Introducing PEXA Key
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PEXA is proud to announce the launch of secure app, PEXA Key, which provides a secure communication channel for bank account details to be communicated for settlement.

07 September 2019
$1 trillion dollars worth of property settled via PEXA.
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Industry surpasses $1 trillion worth of property settled electronically.


10 July 2020
2020 Financial Review Most Innovative Companies Awards
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2020 Financial Review Most Innovative Companies Awards

PEXA Key won the 2020 Financial Review Most Innovative Companies – Best Service Innovation award. We’re also immensely proud to be named in second place on the Most Innovative Companies – Technology list. 

18 October 2020
ASEAs Winners | CSIA
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PEXA was recognised at the CSIA Customer Service Institute of Australia with Lisa Dowie and Ryan De Rosayro winning the Customer Service Executive and Manager of the year awards respectively. In addition, our Customer Operations team was named champions in the Customer Service Organisation of the year – Medium business category. 

12 November 2020
Victoria leading the charge to 100% digital

97% of all property transactions are now completed electronically in Victoria, through collaboration between Land Use Victoria (LUV), Victorian Land Registry Services Pty Ltd (VLRS) and PEXA.


08 February 2021
PEXA | HRD's most Innovative HR Teams 2021
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HRD’s Innovative HR Teams winners announced.

28 June 2021
PEXA lists on the Australian Securities Exchange
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PEXA begins trading on the ASX.

15 August 2021
PEXA named Australia's 3rd best place to work
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PEXA is as one of WRK+’s Best Places to Work for more than 100 employees.

20 October 2022
ACT transitions to digital settlements
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ACT transitions to digital settlements.
First transaction to occur by the end of 2021

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