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Digital Conveyancing goes the distance with PEXA

Digital Conveyancing goes the distance with PEXA

Melanie Costi shares how Bellco Law uses PEXA to service customers from all over the country and overseas.

When establishing their property law firm, Bellco Law in Townsville, Melanie Costi and Shaun Campbell wanted to be at the forefront of technology, to provide a more efficient and certain settlement experience for their clients, wherever they may be.  

Homebuyers are always eager to move in at the earliest possible time, and no lawyer wants to have to tell them there are delays. Bellco Law had seen firsthand the negative impacts of delayed settlements as a result of the manual, paper-based method of finalising a property purchase. These issues can be further compounded by the distances involved with working in Far North Queensland (FNQ).

To help solve these issues and provide an enhanced service to clients, Bellco Law began utilising the electronic solution offered by Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

PEXA is Australia’s leading online property exchange network. Its e-Conveyancing platform minimises paper processes and allows transactions to be executed anywhere in the world.

From the first PEXA transaction, Bellco Law realised how important it is to have digital options available for customers.

“We used PEXA as the buyer was based in Hong Kong and this was the only way we could quickly and efficiently complete the settlement,” said Ms Costi.

“The settlement went through seamlessly. Using PEXA opened our eyes to the benefits we could bring to our customers through fast and convenient online conveyancing. We haven’t looked back since.”

Ms Costi’s clientele extends far and wide, from Sydney to Mount Isa and everywhere in between, and she says the time-savings recorded thanks to PEXA have been immeasurable.

“For a regional hub like Townsville, going digital removes problems caused by physical distance. Our clients have transactions occurring all over the country and overseas, so moving online not only removes the problems of paper, it means our potential client base is essentially global. For a firm like ours in FNQ, that is a huge benefit,” Ms Costi said.

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.