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Industry push to ‘turn off paper’ – are you ready?

Industry push to ‘turn off paper’ – are you ready?

Victoria and WA have unveiled critical reforms that move industry one step closer to a 100% e-conveyancing solution

PEXA congratulates reforms introduced by Land Victoria and Landgate (WA) that are hastening the industry push to digitise property transactions and remove paper processes.

Land Victoria and Landgate are the first states to move away from paper to electronic lodgement from 1 August 2016.

Until recently a 160-year-old paper-based process was the norm for finalising property transactions.

Financial institutions are switching to online transactions as they transition their business to an inevitable digital property future.

This means that *ADIs transacting in Victoria and Western Australia - and practitioners (law firms) acting on their behalf - must lodge all standalone discharges of mortgage and standalone consumer mortgages electronically.

By getting familiar with PEXA now, you will ensure that your team enjoys a seamless transition to online transactions.

PEXA is here to help you make the switch to an industry that’s moving to become 100% digital.

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