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It’s impossible to be truly customer-led without data-led decisions and passionate, engaged people

It’s impossible to be truly customer-led without data-led decisions and passionate, engaged people

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our members, who have supported our journey and who have championed innovation across the industry. In recognition of CX Day, our Chief Customer Officer, Lisa Dowie has written this insightful piece on PEXA's ambition to become a truly customer-led business.

The very nature of the PEXA platform means our business insights are inherently data-led. Each step of the property settlement process tells us how users interact with the platform as well as the pain points, delays and ultimately the things that make settlements work. It’s an important tool to have and one that we are continuing to leverage.

We are, and will continue to be, customer-led. This data allows us to know what our customers want, and then to create new products and services that address their real needs.

We are also continually guided by our extensive and specific industry experience which has helped us to evolve into a platform that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations, using tools that ensure settlement is always on time.

Our teams listen to our customers and act on feedback to ensure that providing people with what they need. We value data in all its forms, including the qualitative data and real-time feedback we can gain through interacting directly with our customers and hearing from them in their own words.

Our people are our greatest strength, but it takes significant and meaningful leadership to build customer-led organisations. It flows from a company’s culture and at its most granular level, employee experience ultimately drives customer experience. It is critical to have people, processes and technology aligned, and happy people give good service, which results in happy customers.

We like to reference the Gartner Path to CX Maturity. This allows us to map out our path from being reactive to customer needs to building the mechanisms that enable us to anticipate customer needs and use that as a business strategy linked to our technology framework. It creates a single platform with an end-to-end experience.

Adopting practices that incrementally build our CX maturity include implementing mechanisms that solve customer problems in a proactive, rather than reactive way. Anticipating the needs of our customers is vital to this, and not just solving problems as they arise.

Creating an organisation that puts the customer first is our priority – being proactive to those needs is the best way to do that.

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