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Seamless settlements with Salerno Law

Seamless settlements with Salerno Law

“The flexibility of PEXA settlements, assists our firm to provide the quickest and most convenient service to our clients as everything is now online.” Matteo Salerno, Partner, Salerno Law.

Salerno Law is no stranger to technology. As one of the first law firms in Australia to accept digital currencies for payment, implementing PEXA’s digital settlement solution was just a natural fit. With clients all over Australia, the flexibility of doing things online is essential for the company to provide a faster, reliable and more mobile service for their clients.

“There’s a growing expectation to provide a service that is timely, unencumbered and remote. The days of physically being present to work in an office or sign documents in paper are in the past. Clients aren’t always buying and selling in the same area, so we needed to offer a solution that was online, flexible and provided real-time service. PEXA helps us do that,” said Matteo Salerno, Partner, Salerno Law. 

The potential issues on settlement day when done in paper are no longer an obstacle for this fast-paced firm and its clients.

“Settlement delays cause great stress to our clients, not to mention the thought of being temporarily homeless and the extra costs incurred. PEXA significantly reduces this as all documents can be checked and ready before settlement.”

Thanks to PEXA, properties bought in one state and sold in another can be processed digitally, virtually removing any distance barriers, helping facilitate the dream ‘sea change’ moves for interstate buyers, providing more certainty, saving time and money for clients and the firm.

“We have clients who are attracted to moving to Queensland from other states, such as Victoria and New South Wales. They want to sell where they are and move instantly, and we can only do that through PEXA. There’s no waiting for cheques to clear, no weeks in between moves. Today, properties can be handed over, funds cleared, and the title secured, all on the day of settlement. Clients can sell their home in New South Wales, drive over to Queensland the next day and be assured that their new house is indeed theirs. Now that’s the digital difference.”

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.