Western Australia

Set sail and settle

Set sail and settle

Working digitally enables you to settle anytime, anywhere.

Property transactions moved online in Western Australia in December 2018 and thanks to PEXA’s digital platform, conveyancers have the freedom to execute transfers from anywhere – even the other side of the world.

This was the case for Julie Cowman, of Beckley Conveyancing. During the end of year holiday period, Julie travelled to Slovakia with her family and had two transactions due to settle while she was away.

“I checked with PEXA before leaving that I would be able to settle overseas, they assured me that everything would be fine as long as I had an internet connection.”

At 6am Central European time, Julie was able to successfully sign off the transactions. “It really gave me that feeling of ‘wow’, I can pretty much work from anywhere if I need to.”

“When you run your own business there’s always going to be things to do and you have to keep in touch with your clients. It was great knowing that I could take my computer with me on the go, and when I got home everything was up to date.”

Meanwhile, another PEXA member abroad, David Müller from LAWMAX Legal, woke up at 3am local time during the festive season to complete a couple of settlements on PEXA from South Africa.

“I had to make sure that my laptop and phone (to use its hotspot) were always fully charged, because sometimes in South Africa they shut off the power for one or two hours at a time.”

“In the paper process I have to get someone else to attend settlements on my behalf when I go overseas, but with PEXA I can work anywhere and that really helps.”

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