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Western Australia

SettsPlus integration helping firms

SettsPlus integration helping firms

Andrew Hopper, Director of Focus Settlements, shares how the SettsPlus integration with PEXA has been beneficial to his firm.

SettsPlus integrated with PEXA in October last year and is helping create a seamless settlement experience for Western Australia’s conveyancers.

The technology aims to reduce double-keying of data and minimise other administrative tasks.

Director of Focus Settlements, Andrew Hopper says he is pleased with the effectiveness of the new software, as the state accelerates towards a fully digitised property industry.

“It’s probably the upgrade that’s made PEXA work for our volumes.”

“Before, we were looking at having to enter information into SettsPlus, then having to do the same thing in PEXA. We’re a fairly high-volume office for settlements in WA and we looked at the time that was going to be needed to do that, and we thought we were never going to get this done.”

“Now, it’s become so much easier to complete tasks after the integration. Things get updated straight away and both platforms are kept in sync.”

And eliminating the secondary data entry is a huge benefit to staff, notes Hopper.

“Cutting down the chance of errors on re-entering information again means you can spend the time to make sure it’s right at the start and not have to stress about it down the track. Staff can do all of their cheque splits and all their financial settlement statements easily.”

Transparency is vital in the Workspace and Hopper feels that the ease of access helps all parties stay up to speed through settlement.

“From a knowledge perspective, it means that everyone stays updated, banks see what’s happening and the other side see what’s happening. It definitely assists with streamlining and it cuts down on some of the back and forth communications that you would’ve quite often had.”

Looking forward, Hopper acknowledges that while there was an initial teething stage, the current systems are well equipped for the digital transition ahead.

“It was a long road, as everyone was starting from scratch, but what’s available now is more than enough to get you up and going.”

“I think there’s still improvements that can be made, but by and large you’ve got a big userbase ready to go already. It’s become a critical tool for our use.”

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