Staying secure online

Staying secure online

Ian Bloomfield, Managing Director of Ignite Systems, offers his advice on cyber security.

In today’s technology driven environment, it is vital to invest time and thought into ensuring your business has adequate cyber security.

Managing Director of Ignite Systems, Ian Bloomfield, stresses the importance of cyber security in the current landscape.

“Cyber security is now being promoted by federal and state governments, and professional associations as a priority for businesses of all sizes.

“The scale and sophistication of cybercrime is such that all businesses need to be including cyber security as part of their overall risk management considerations. 

And Bloomfield highlights the need to put cyber security strategies into motion.

“Any business not taking steps to assess their cyber security resilience and not prioritising the remediation of identified risks, is putting their ongoing viability at risk.”

“Make sure you take action to get an understanding of your cyber security risks so that you can make informed decisions about how best to meet your cyber security needs.”

Here are some key recommendations offered by Bloomfield to consider:

  • Identify your risk profile: without a risk assessment it is impossible to know if your current arrangements are adequate.
  • Make cyber security an integral part of your business plan: effective cyber security is every bit as important as commercial viability for the future of your business.
  • Cyber security is no longer just an IT issue: it has to be considered across all areas of technology and all aspects of your business.
  • Don’t rely on security services and systems alone for protection – people are the last defence.  Implement formalised cyber security training for all staff, and follow-up with regular refresher sessions.

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