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New South Wales

The travelling conveyancer’s recipe for success

The travelling conveyancer’s recipe for success

Running a solo conveyancing business with a winning plan

Karen Cooper runs a solo business with a winning plan.

Just 16 months ago she opened her own Maclean-based NSW practice – Conveyancing by Karen. Now she’s pump priming double digit property transactions by harnessing digital technology. She’s even settled a property transaction while on a break in Fiji.

I can complete my matters no matter where I am at any point in time

“I’ve been reading about PEXA’s electronic property exchange since it began. It fits with my plan to complete my matters when I want, wherever I want – with complete visibility of my clients’ settlement status,” she said.

“My business goal was to complete my legal qualification and embrace digital technology to successfully run a solo practice. Much of the praise for having the confidence to go online goes to PEXA’s Theresa Ting. She did all of my electronic conveyancing training over the phone as part of the Virtual Program offered to practitioners. My business performance is now exceeding expectations.

Going digital cuts out hours of travel for regional-based practitioners

“Going digital is really important for solo and regional-based practitioners. We no longer have to spend hours out of our working day by travelling long distances to attend settlements. The other great outcome is that I don’t have to bill clients for out of area settlements.

“I had my family young and now I want to travel with the help of hi-tech smarts. While I’m in the building phase of expanding my business I can log onto my laptop from wherever I am and can keep things moving. I’m greatly helped by my three 3 children who are very savvy about the latest software and hardware.

I want to travel and put my confidence in technology 

“When I booked my Fiji holiday I didn’t want to employ a locum to manage my matters. I planned my settlements and even anticipated what I needed to do in case I encountered limited internet access.

“For example I did a few hours work each morning as my systems are in the cloud. At breakfast I routinely checked into the PEXA workspace. Everything was tracking to plan.

“It meant that I could confidently go and lay on the beach.  My client also knew what was happening. This is another business advantage for me as I’m targeting clients that tend to be more tech-savvy and who expect their matter to be transacted online.

Transparency is one of the main benefits – I’m helping firms new to PEXA

“One of the major benefits of transacting online is the transparency. I help a lot of other firms who’ve begun transacting in PEXA. We bump off each other by asking questions. I try and make as many of our matters as possible ‘PEX-able’. Other firms are now receptive and I’ve encouraged four law practices in my immediate area to go digital.

“I advise them on the best ways to work with the banks. I wouldn’t be privy to that in a paper-based transaction. That’s a breakthrough as PEXA gives us complete visibility of the banks’ involvement.

“But the main benefit is getting the outcome that the client wants – and that’s settling on time.”

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