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WGC settling your property: wherever and whenever

WGC settling your property: wherever and whenever

Progressive Cairns based firm WGC Lawyers are delivering an exemplar, tech-driven property experience to its clients.

Based in the centre of Cairns is a law firm managing property a bit differently to your stock-standard, paper-based group. In 2017, WGC Lawyers became early adopters of industry-shifting new technology – electronic conveyancing, providing it with the ability to digitally transact property for its clients across Australia – from the convenience of their own desks.

Forget lost documents in the post, hours on the phone booking settlements and posting cheques, through Australia’s e-settlement platform, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), WGC can seamlessly complete settlements, regardless of any complexity or distance barriers.

WGC Lawyers Associate Rhys Larsen was always keen to integrate PEXA into the firm and has experienced numerous benefits since its implementation.

“Everything is punchy, to the point and designed to provide maximum output with minimal effort while providing a cleaner settlement experience – it makes sense.”

In one instance, WGC had to complete a complex transition involving three properties across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. In the paper process, this would have been an exhaustive and time-consuming task given the geographical logistics, but WGC was able to settle all three properties on PEXA at the same time – in just a few clicks.

“Trying to complete that settlement in paper would have been near impossible. PEXA has really opened doors for us and allowed us to service our clients despite any distance,” said Rhys.

In addition, WGC clients have their name on title almost instantly, settle at more flexible times and depending on their bank, access settlement funds near-instantaneously.

As many of us know, happy employees often equate to happy clients and, with a relatively young cohort of staff, there is no lack of forward-thinking attitudes at WGC with many employees comfortably embracing new technology and its accompanying benefits.

“Flexible working arrangements, work life balance and mental health has been a major focus in this industry lately and the ability to use things like PEXA, which you can access from anywhere, is huge.

“That’s the way everything should be trending, there effectively shouldn’t be a need for paper anymore, the only reason we use paper is because another party had refused to take that next step and do everything digitally.

“My advice to them would be to just do it – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.