Western Australia

Working together

Working together

AICWA Executive Officer, Dion Dosualdo, discusses the importance of conveyancers and the wider property industry 'working together' in Western Australia.

By Dion Dosualdo, Executive Officer Australian Institute of Conveyancers WA Division

Conveyancers and AICWA members who are not actively sending or accepting invites in PEXA are doing themselves and the profession no favours. Between now and December 1st as an industry and profession we must all work together to focus on the shared goals of 'Evaluating the System' & 'Gaining Experience'. 

With little over 7 months it is incumbent on all WA conveyancers to continue/commence the engagement of the e-Conveyancing ecosystem. Put simply, if we don’t put the system, the banks, Landgate, PEXA and our fellow conveyancers to the test, come December we could all be pulling our hair out trying to make this work. We need to avoid not being prepared as well as hold everyone accountable for delivering a system that works. Only through increased activity will we drive improvements or identify issues.   

Conservative estimates suggest that somewhere between 60%-70% of all your current files are eligible to be completed in PEXA. If you run a small to medium agency you are likely to complete at least 50 PEXA settlements between now and December. Conveyancers who have settled around 50 transactions agree that this is the turning point at which you go from being a novice to becoming proficient. Waiting to commence this journey until December will be to the detriment of the profession, your business and more importantly your clients. More than ever the industry and the profession of conveyancing need to come together and work collectively to deliver the best e-Conveyancing ecosystem in the interest of our clients.     

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