How much does it cost?

PEXA does not charge up-front registration fees or ongoing subscription fees. Your first digital certificate is free (additional digital certificates are available at cost).

Members are only charged per successful transaction. Charges vary depending on the type of transaction.

The PEXA fee covers the following services:

  • Pre-population of Land Registry data, to remove the need for re-keying.
  • Lodgement verification checks, to provide greater certainty that documents will be lodged successfully.
  • Title Activity Checks (TAC), to alert you to any recent activity on the title.
  • Lodgement gap cover, whereby PEXA may assume responsibility for loss incurred when an intervening dealing impacts registration of a covered dealing, subject to conditions set out in the Participation Agreements.
  • Electronic disbursement of cleared funds through to nominated accounts.
  • Electronic settlement booking.
  • Document creation and lodgement with the Land Registry in real-time.
  • Secure digital signature technology.
  • Stamp duty verification with the duty authority.

The PEXA fee is separate from the statutory lodgement fees, which are set by each jurisdiction’s Land Registry.

Pricing Schedule

Pricing Schedule effective 2 July 2018

Pricing Schedule - Pricing FY2019
PEXA transactions service fees (inc. GST) Single Title Multiple Title *
Transfer Title $112.64 $129.03
Transfer by Third Party $112.64 $129.03
Caveat $15.84 $27.61
Withdrawal of Caveat $15.84 $27.61
Caveat with Financial Settlement $30.47 $46.86
Mortgage $42.24 $58.52
Discharge Mortgage $20.46 $32.23
Discharge with Financial Settlement $41.69 $53.35
Mortgage with Caveat Withdrawal $42.24 $58.52
Mortgage with Financial Settlement $56.43 $72.60
Mortgage (Express Refinance) $56.43 $72.60
Discharge Mortgage (Express Refinance) $41.69 $53.35
Priority Notice $9.02 $9.02
Priority Notice Withdrawal $9.02 $9.02
Priority Notice Extension $4.51 $4.51
Transfer of Interest $75.02 $91.08
Transfer of Interest with Settlement $112.64 $129.03
Encumbrance $35.75 $47.41 introductory offer^
Withdrawal of Encumbrance $35.75 $47.41 introductory offer^
Survivorship $35.75 $52.14 introductory offer^
Transmission $35.75 $52.14 introductory offer^
Lease $42.24 $58.52
Lease with Settlement $56.43 $72.60
Nomination to electronic dealing $0.00 $0.00
Nomination to paper dealing** $19.36 $30.91
Consent $0.00 $0.00
Form 24, Form 25, Notice of Sale, Notice of Acquisition $0.00 $0.00
Title Information Re-Supply $5.50 $5.50 per title

*Related to multiple titles on the same registry instrument.
**This fee will be applied if you nominate an eCT to a paper instrument in a role other than of CT Controller (e.g. in the role of Proprietor on Title or Mortgagee on Title). PEXA will charge you a fee as PEXA will return registry information to the Land Titles screen.
^Introductory pricing available until 31 December 2018 unless extended by PEXA. Regular price for multi-title Survivorship and Transmission is $35.75 plus $16.39 per title, while multi-title Encumbrance and Withdrawal of Encumbrance are $35.75 plus $11.66 per title.

View a downloadable PDF of the PEXA Pricing Schedule here.

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