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Three cloud-based solutions your firm should try today

Three cloud-based solutions your firm should try today

Cloud-based software has exploded in popularity over the past few years - and for good reason. Automatic updates, the ability to scale to business needs and accessibility from anywhere are just some of the advantages the cloud has over traditional software.

Discover even more advantages with these three software solutions:

1. Save time with practice management software 

Some legal software companies offer cloud-based practice management packages that are particularly suited to smaller practices, with no need for a server. Covering file management, time recording, email management, marketing, accounting and more, this kind of software has the potential to claw back valuable time in your workday and smooth out your processes and workflow.

Some providers combine legal practice management and accounting capabilities you can use for your conveyancing matters. But it's also perfect if your firm works in other areas such as litigation or commercial law. If you solely focus on property transactions, it's worth finding out whether your provider offers a specialised version of the system designed specifically for conveyancing. Easy-to-use calculation tools and specialised input screens for different matter types are just some of the features that will help to make your job easier. 

2. Communicate better with Slack

Also known as the 'email killer', Slack is a messaging and group chat application that workplaces – including Fortune 100 companies and NASA – are quickly warming to.

Its main advantages over email? It’s instant, easily searchable and encourages a more collaborative way of communicating. You can also use it for client communications; with three million daily users, your clients may already be using it.

To help you get used to the way Slack works and master the ins and outs of its capabilities, the app offers an always-on virtual assistant. Slackbot will answer all your questions to help you learn about how to use channels, read your unread messages and navigate the archives.

You can even create customised emojis -- that's certainly a way you can get your clients and colleagues excited! 

3. Forget about lost password frustrations with LastPass

The only problem with cloud-based software is the never-ending list of passwords you’ll accumulate. Don’t fear. There’s a solution in the cloud for that, too.

LastPass uses encryption algorithms to provide you with a master password you can use to log in to your various accounts. Remember that one password and forget the rest.

Inside the LastPass 'vault' you can save your passwords for various sites under different categories. It also offers a neat function to use for business when multiple people need access to the same account: share your selected passwords through the sharing centre with your team and you'll never have to worry about someone misplacing that shared file again. 

Sound too easy to be safe? LastPass goes an extra step in its commitment to security, encrypting your passwords at the device level. It ensures the company will never be able to access your master password and it will never actually be sent to their servers.

If you're tempted by new cloud-based technology but still on the fence, it's worth remembering many products offer a free membership or trial option. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the cloud.

Author: Libby Hakim

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