Standard Operating Environment

Standard Operating Environment

Standard Operating Environment

Standard Operating Environment Requirements

The standard operating environment required to provide effective access to the ELN is:

(a) Minimum system requirements

(i) Installation of anti-virus software in accordance with the Subscriber Security Policy

(ii) For PC, Microsoft Windows 7 SPI and newer are supported, and

(iii) For Apple, versions 10.14 ‘Mojave’, 10.13 ‘High Sierra’ and MacOS 10.12 ‘Sierra’ are currently supported.

(b) Supported browsers - accessing the ELN

(i) Internet Explorer on Windows; version 11 (only supported version)

(ii) Chrome on Windows; latest stable version*; or

(iii) Firefox on Windows; latest version OR currently supported Extended Support Release (ESR)**.

(c) Digital certificates

At least one Gatekeeper Approved Digital Certificate which complies with the Operating Requirements.

(g) Ability to perform multi-factor authentication

Users who are required to perform multi-factor authentication must:

(i) have access to a mobile phone that is capable of performing SMS authentication or has the PingID application installed; or

(ii) have the PingID application installed onto their desktop.


*Chrome only deems the latest ‘Stable’ release to be current, v 76.0.3809 at time of writing.

**Releases will be maintained for more than a year, with point releases containing security updates coinciding with regular Firefox releases.

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