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E-conveyancing: What does it mean for your business?

E-conveyancing: What does it mean for your business?

E-conveyancing is transforming property transactions by streamlining the settlement process. Learn why it’s important for your business.

E-conveyancing is here to transform the property settlement process and help streamline your business. Conveyancers and property lawyers are among many groups of professionals working to embrace digital transformation across the globe.

The change comes with challenges, but also some significant advantages. Here are just a few. 

Part of a larger global trend

Paperless, digital and responsive interactions are the new norms. With smartphones on hand 24 hours a day, we expect up-to-date information to be available at our fingertips. Instead of wandering the aisles, we shop online. We send texts rather than making calls. We want documents emailed to us, not sent by snail mail. Customers now expect businesses to provide online and electronic services. The time and productivity efficiencies that come with the digital age make adopting these new methods and technologies a no-brainer.

Breaking down barriers

Electronic conveyancing processes are simple, efficient and can make life as a conveyancer easier.

The increased efficiency that e-conveyancing brings to the property transfer process means time constraints no longer dictate how many settlements you can schedule during a day, a week or a month. Imagine how that will transform your workday, your practice and your profitability. Geographical barriers are also broken down. Your client base can expand beyond the usual boundaries, something that could dramatically change your business possibilities, especially if you’re located in a regional area.

Increased transparency

Consumers everywhere are enjoying a wave of new-found power. Thanks to social media and the vast amounts of information online, people are armed with more knowledge than ever before. They have come to expect more. Consumers are discerning and aren’t afraid to question the status quo. E-conveyancing and integrated client apps deliver what clients increasingly want – more transparency. Simplified processes, information in real time and certainty around documents and dates also give clients greater confidence in the conveyancing process.

While change brings challenges, digital transformation is an exciting opportunity. At PEXA, we’ve been working closely with all members of the e-Conveyancing community to understand their needs and help them embrace change.. The range of transactions that can be completed online also continues to grow. PEXA’s ongoing support from the moment you sign up will help you and your business make a hassle-free transition to e-conveyancing.

Ready to make the change? Find out more about taking the next step.

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist you with registering for and learning to use PEXA. Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.